All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


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Absolutely there shouldn’t be a witch hunt and I don’t think there will be. But I wouldn’t totally agree that walking away was the easier option, I think it can be a very difficult option for guys. If I felt disrespected in a set up I would walk away and that is what guys did. That is a different thing from not respecting the manager has decisions to make. Every player has at some stage been on the wrong end of a managerial decision and on the whole, they accept it. But there was obviously something wrong with how it was been done in this instance for it to have caused such antagonism. As I have been saying for 18 months here, the manager has to manage and the main part of that is bringing the group with him, any eejit can just be a dictator and expect to be followed blindly. But county management has to be about a collegiate type management style because everyone is there as a volunteer.

Daly was interesting on The Sunday Game, he more or less said that it would have been better if the players stuck together and went away as one, or stayed as one. But I think this is where they were all played by Cunningham. He took on young guys who were delighted to have had the chance and had little or no experience of anything else, or he took guys who were only on the periphery and were delighted to get their chance playing. Picking the best team had nothing to do with it, it was about getting a group together that would follow him regardless. And that is where I think Rushe and a few others, who didn’t fall into the above category could have done a bit more to sort things out. But that is just by way of comment, I wouldn’t be apportioning any blame to any young lad who just wants to play county hurling. I would apportion a huge amount of blame to Cunningham, and to a lesser extent to the DCC who made the situation. On the DCC, I do appreciate that they appoint managers and let them manage and in the long term that might be the right thing, no manager will turn away from the job now because they can say the county board don’t have a history of supporting managers. As we can see now, the DCC do it through thick and thin.

Cunningham’s interviews after the game were stunning - he says he didn’t see it coming. How in the hell did he not see it coming. We have put the same sort of team out against Tipp two times before in the league and ended up with a similar result. The only hope we had was that Tipp had gone back a huge amount, but that was a very slim hope. Daly was right, at least half of that team was wrong and that is before you get to the subs (which were particularly mental). It was so incredibly wrong and stupid that there is no way that the main agenda there was to win the game. It was either about teaching the players a lesson or something more devious altogether. Something was very very wrong in how that team was selected and personally I think it warrants more of an investigation then just getting rid of the manager.

But apart from that, it is over now and on we go. I think 2018 could actually be ok with the right man in charge!


Michael Duignan said his poor father couldn’t see the Waterford Kilkenny hurling game because it was on Sky. His Dad doesn’t like going to the pub etc.
Dick Clerkin had a go at him and Duignan hit back.


And that’s why it’s a rebuild job . The panel is completely splintered .


at the end of the day GC’s term has expired. I hope that the DCB say to him, “look, we dont think its working out and we are not taking you back” thats all they have to pay. Issue the usual “we would like to thank…” PR and be done with it.

Hopefully the next manager will be in before the club championship gets going again, AFAIR Cunningham was appointed very late in that years championship, semi final or final stage? Maybe that was because there were not many interested or that story about the players vetoing shay boland which held it up, whatever, it cant be allowed to drag out that long again.

As for team selection last Saturday night -i dont put it down to something sinister just pig-headedness. There may have been a good dollop of arrogance thrown in too.


You could well be right, but it would be arrogance to a crazy extent - but that is the most likely cause of it I agree.


Not starting a witch hunt and I would agree he wanted to play and he did and cannot be faulted for his effort. (I would blame him for his choice of socks but that for another day). He was in an awkward position as captain I hardly expected him to come out and castigate Cunningham, but there were more than a few fluff pieces in the paper with Rushe saying the camp was happy and things were going well, quiet obviously this was not so.

I don’t blame Rushe but his position as the groups leader in the future may be awkward. I thought Anthony Daly’s comments on the S.G. were telling. I’d be in agreement with him that i think strikes are in general a load of S***e but I would respect those your were deeply unhappy walking away. Daly would be a lot closer to that group than most of us was saying he wished they had of been more united. Therefore I am wondering about the leadership coming from the team itself.

Speaking of Michael Duignan he was part of a group of Offaly players who always played for their county but were well able to tell Babs Keating when to shove it, maybe our lads could be a little bit more like him.


the problem is, if everyone walked we’d have basically had a strike on the cards and all the grief that goes with that, i don’t know if it was decided to not do a mass walk out to try and avoid that nuclear option or what happened. Presumably lads talked to each other about their difficulties and i would assume they decided to let people choose on a player by player basis, but when that went beyond one or two players we really were goosed. The Schutte’s being the icing on the cake but by then it was probably too late to do anything else.

New man in has has to be a good man manager and communicator as well as coach and the rest. not asking for much is it? If they can get people back in the fold asap then the improvement could be quite quick and substantial. If lads are reluctant to commit again then the damage done the last couple of years could be untold.


Because of the reunification aspect, there could be scope for offering it to Daly again.


Daly is on a good thing with Limerick from what I have heard so the question is would the DCB equal or better it. Even though I think no one should ever go back I do believe Daly would get us back on track.


He had Tommy Dunne as his coach last time out. Tommy was excellent. He’d need someone similar.


I agree unless JP has decided to bankroll us also, Daly won’t be going anywhere.


I doubt Cunningham was cheap, so Daly wouldn’t be a whole lot different I would think.

Yes, going back is rarely good. But just in this context of where we find ourselves, I think his people management skills (which seem excellent) could be just what we need.


Yeah but at the same time he was too close to some of the players as well. That came back to haunt us in 2014 when some individuals should have dropped off the team who were on the piss 48 hours before a championship game. No new players were introduced that year and it was clear from the Leinster Final that year some guys were done.
For the most part he did a fine job but probably should have jacked it in 2013. He’s not going to go back and I think it wouldn’t be a good idea for him or the team.


Not disagreeing with you on any of that. Wasn’t advocating him, just pointing out we don’t have the euros to compete in any event


Hi, long time reader here, so I just joined to say my piece on this as sat’s events in Thurles really stung me. Several of the names being bandied about have, in my opinion, made unkind remarks about Dublin hurling over the years and on that basis, if money was the only thing making them take the job then I’d rather not have them. I think having Daly on board protected us from worse snide remarks and sly digs as the various pundits couldn’t say too much without offending him also. I would think Eamonn o shea could be an good fit - sheedy gives him a lot of credit for their win and several members of that team praise him for their own development. Ok, it didn’t work out during his own term - but not many managers have gotten it over the line during the Cody years. A smart man, ex dublin player (so I doubt we are “beneath” him) and not a career manager. Knows from his own playing days what its like to be on a losing streak. Helped tipp out of the doldrums with the sheedy win and caused no scandal in his own term and came very very close. Idle at the minute (in intercounty terms), Galway not to far away from Dublin. Very personable fellow and more in the Daly style than the Ger C style and I would say could easily heal the wounds in the panel. Very much an individualist and wanting players to enjoy their time while achieving - think the younger lads were certainly gel with him. Being an educator would help on that side I would think. Tipp connection could help bring Tommy Dunne back although I would like to see a strong dublin presence on the rest of the backroom. Smart man, genuine, would think he would be able to strike a good deal with the DCB 're what he thinks is needed (or have enough sense not to take it if he wasn’t convinced) and handle any political bullshit.
Just my two pence…


Daly isn’t the answer. He has enough baggage with us. He did a job. Time to move on


I don’t think O Shea is either . I wouldn’t have anyone from Tipp, Kilkenny or Cork . Simply because we can’t match their expectations in terms of personnel
That’s why a Galway man would be my pick