Allianz Football League (NFL Divisions 2 and 3) 2018


Looks like Andy Moran made physical contact with a match official. I wonder if all the people that were telling us that the rules are the rules after Connollys incident last year will be as insistent about the rules now.


He was given a black card for challenging the ref in an aggressive manner, which is a black card. You can be assured that Deegan will report him for that and nothing else.


Why are we discussing Mayo in Div 2 thread? Are we not a week early?



That might’ve been down to me. Put two posts in here inadvertently


Roscommon back up ?
Themselves , Galway & Mayo in Div 1 next year . Will be some craic .


Derry relegated to Division 4.


We appear to be on the same slippery slope. One league point from four. Once it starts it’s hard to stop. Hurlers lost, ladies lost. It’s all unravelling …


Might get the Unionists interested next year. You’ll have this appearing on screens and in the newspapers

London - Derry



Club is of course king in Derry, but I wonder will this indignity at long last prompt some change of thinking that something is done for the County.

Derry’s narrow defeat in Sligo, together with Offaly’s surprising victory in Mullingar, means Derry go down with the already doomed Wexford. Offaly’s victory guaranteed their safety and denied Westmeath a very remote chance of promotion. Interesting to note that Derry went down despite having a superior score difference to three sides above them. Of course though it’s points that matter.

The real excitement appeared to be in Longford, where Fermanagh won by a point with a very late free. From reports, there appeared to be some controversy around the refereeing in the closing stages. That Fermanagh victory means that they are promoted at the expense of Longford, who only needed a draw.

We had a very disappointing day in Wexford, losing by a point to the home side - their first victory and our first defeat. We didn’t score until into the second half, although the result had no bearing on final league positions. The final league table reads:


I see pizza man had a good game for Fermanagh today . Fair dues to him for keeping up the Jimmy Keavney physique .


Not quite a model performance then Rufus eh? Ah lookit, have yerself a strawberry daquiri and fuggedabout it.


Not many of them around nowadays.

Reminds me of reading about Vinnie Murphy in Dessie’s book and how he’d be sculling pints in the pub at Donaghmede shopping centre and getting chipper from Fat John’s in the car park afterwards :grin:


He must get a pass from the management about his weight , must be short on supply of quality forwards up there . He is good but , come on .

“Sean revealed a few years back that he has the occasional pizza after training, intimating that his talent was sufficient currency for an inter-county existence.”


Nothing wrong with pizza now and then and people make all sorts of comments for the media. Lets not be too harsh, not every amateur player with talent is going to be the epitome of physical conditioning perfection.


All true , just surprising in this day & age . I still think his talent gives him a pass .


Tipperary missed out on promotion, alas. I would love to have seen them get promoted to Div 1. Cavan’s injury time winning point against Tipperary sees them promoted. A draw would have seen Tipperary have the chance to get promoted with a win in their back game against Down.


Cavan Vs The Farny in Div 1 next season, they should put that on in Croker!


Yeh they hit the post twice I think and missed a few one on ones. Also had a player sent off…


No div 4 thread but both these will be in 3 next year .
Poor first half but picking up now .
Laois 0.11 Carlow 0.8 , 48 mins


Carlow v Laois 2nd half now 11minutes in, Laois lead by 3 points. Carlow missed a free around 14 - 18 yards out shocking bad