Allianz Football League (NFL Divisions 2 and 3) 2018


Your doing him no favours reminding us.


Thanks my friend. Any piece of silverware has to be welcomed.

That was McGeeney’s second Division 3 Title. I appreciate that sort of currency does not hold much value around these parts, but given the resources at Armagh’s, and Geezer’s disposal, that can become an achievement that is more noteworthy.

You will hear and read in the media that Armagh are a team who should not have been in Division 3 at all, and reference will be made to our All Ireland quarter-final appearance last year. However we have lost a lot of players since then - some becoming unavailable at the end of 2017 - and others being lost to an ever increasing inury list. In that context, to top Division 3 and win the Final, is an achievement worthy of note, although you’ll probably be disappointed to note that no-one in Armagh will refer to Geezer as the guru, or some description of similar standing.

As for the game itself, I felt it was a match where we were the better team but were undone by a lot of occurrences of my old Dan Maskell favourite, ‘unforced errors’. That meant we turned a lot of ball over and made some terrible choices when in possession, whilst we were indisciplined in the tackle, albeit not helped by a very fussy referee.

It was brilliant to see Kevin Dyas come on. Hopefully he can put his injury problems behind him. I thought our kickout startegy was excellent and allowed us to win a lot of possession. The match in Enniskillen on May 19 will likely be a war of attrition, and will no dobut go down to the wire. The same result would be nice.


I can’t wait for Spewans next piece in the Sindo “ The One that got Away” “ If only Geezer had Dublin’s Money” :sob::sob:


It’s something that goes unasked . You might have the resources , but those resources don’t put the ball over the bar. That is the height of disrespect shown to our footballers . And it’s something they simply won’t acknowledge or accept . Is that this panel is simply better than what’s out there . We have the better footballers , but it just won’t sink in with them so they pull the resources card . I think our bad losses pre '11 just had them programmed that we suddenly couldn’t just improve , that there must have been another reason . The other reason was we changed our system , and slowly but surely the players came along over the years . We got our act together after having our asses handed to us on so many occasions. That aligned with Kerry , Tyrone going through a transition . Cork going into a major decline . Leaving Mayo who just simply can’t get the job done when it’s put up to them . We filled a gap.


Doesn’t say such great things about us that we can only beat a team “who simply can’t get the job done” by a point and sometimes after replays.


No , but it’s the truth nonetheless.


But your point generally was how great we have been (because we’ve such great players), and in the course of illustrating that you chose to say that our main rivals consisted of teams in transition and a team that can never get the job done.

My personal opinion is that we have had to beat a great team that were just going over the hill (Kerry 2011), and a bit more over the hill/in transition but still very strong (2013), and then were reigning All-I champions (2015). We should have hammered them that day (weather was a big factor), and again in 2016 (10-minute melt-down and a jammy second Kerry goal turned the game upside down).

We also have had to beat a Mayo team that was a vastly more difficult proposition than their 2004/06 counterparts. And we murdered a Tyrone team that Mayo have struggled to beat in the last few years, that had won back-to-back Ulsters and were very much on the up.


It says a lot about us Al that a team like Mayo can turn it on and bring themselves to fight for their lives against us on AI day and that we can only marginally beat. They deserve as much credit as we do.


I’ll shorten all that down one word , the word I used previously , transition . Are you saying Kerry haven’t gone through a transition since '11 til now . And I still stand by my comments about Mayo . If they had better footballers they would have beaten us . One point , ten points . Makes no odds to me . We’ve beaten them in 3 AIs when we faced them . If you put maybe '09 Dublin up against maybe '17 Mayo It would be alot closer & I’d say mayo probably would have won a few .


You don’t judge a team on one result. While winning a final might give you a title, it doesn’t necessarily equate to being a great team. It is disengenorous to a great team like Dublin to say, " because you only won by a narrow margin or lost or drew to a team, that, that said team let’s call it X, is close too, equal too or even better than you." . A great team is judged on consistency of results over a period.
With a back door and a focus on one great team, impersonators will make exaggerated claims, no more so than the deluded westies.


Everybody bought the hype about Tyrone til will blew that myth into next week . We showed how to beat the blanket & the rest is history . We made them look very ordinary .


Indeed. But they most certainly did that to us first …


Did u read my post? I’m pretty sure I said transition twice but maybe I was hallucinating again.
The difference was that I qualified my references to transition in the context of the relevant games which I’m not going to repeat now.

As for the Mayo bit, don’t try turning this into that old chestnut. We’re talking about what you said here. My point was you were saying Dublin have been great, in answer to critics going on about funding, but you then used disparaging reference to Kerry, Tyrone and Mayo by way of some sort of evidence, it made no sense.
The reason I’m saying Mayo are much better than you’re giving them credit for is to prove what you wanted to originally say, that it helps define how good Dublin have been.


Where did I say Dublin was great , I believe my words were we had better footballers.
And everything I said about Kerry , Tyrone & Mayo is correct. It is possible to make two points in one post . They can be different. I’ll use paragraphs in the future :sunglasses:


At this moment in time Dublin is blessed with an almost ridiculous number of exceptional footballers.
This phenomenon we are fortunate enough to witness is a once in a generation occurrance. See Kerry 1975-86.

I’m very happy to embrace every moment of it and I’m confident that this Dublin team will always be regarded as one of the ‘greatest’ teams ever to play Gaelic Football.


So you don’t think Dublin have been great? :wink:

When you said that some of the reason Dublin have been so successful has been Kerry and especially Tyrone in transition, and Mayo are the team that haven’t ever been capable of getting over the line, do you not think that sort of contradicts or undermines your other point about Dublin having better footballers? Because if we are winning with better footballers (let alone the resources thing), and Mayo can never get over the line, yet we only beat them by a point and after replays, does it not in fact indicate that we’re barely any better than Mayo, and only beating Kerry and Tyrone in large part because they’re in transition?

Btw, transition is obviously a factor that we have beaten Tyrone so easily in championship in 2011, but last year we just had far the better footballers and team. Tyrone, as I said previously, are a settled team more or less, built over the last few years, and on the back of two Ulster titles. They’ve also come closer to winning a nat league than Mayo.
Transition is also a factor in how we should have beaten Kerry much more easily in 2015, and 2016. But Kerry were reigning champions in 2015, so…? Kerry are definitely in what I would call full transition since 2016. They lost all the greats of the 00s, or the remaining are well over the hill, and they’re trying to replace those that came in around 2012-15 but who weren’t good enough. And obvs they are introducing alot of the successful minors of the last few years.

Transition of the Dublin team (coach, style of play, some players) was a reason we struggled to beat Kerry in 2013, and arguably Donegal in 2014, and also could be named as a reason we struggled to beat Mayo in 2013. However subsequently Mayo have pushed us even closer than that year )yeh it was one point but we were 4-5 points the better team that day til the spate of late injury problems.

I think most people would agree that overall in this era Dublin have been at their best from 2014 to 2018, with the exception of most of that game Vs Donegal. We had periods of greater all-out attacking ‘brilliance’ in both 2013 and 14 but not overall as good as since then. Mayo have been at their closest to beating us (since 2012) in 2016 and last year. People have spoken about “performances in finals” but the fact for me is that Dublin have been by far the best team overall (due mainly to our players and coach), and Mayo have been operating at a very high standard in the last two All-I Finals, which is something they have identified, isolated, and worked out how to do. The performances by both teams in those two finals have been alot to do with how Mayo have performed.

Mayo have of course otherwise not performed consistently at such a standard since earlier in the summer of 2015, and Dublin should have beaten them by 6 or 7 the first day of the 2015 semi-final only for a freak collapse due in no small part to shite refereeing. This has been, as alluded to above, the way in which Mayo have decided they have to recover from previous years and produce their optimal in championship as required.


They deserve credit and a lot of it but not as much credit as the team that’s won 5 of the last 7 all Ireland’s and 4 of the last 5 national leagues, possibly 5 of the last 6 today. Nobody should be in the same sentence as them. I don’t care how many points have been in it at the final whistle, it’s the same prize if it 1 or 100 points.


With the GAA world understandably totally fixated on our Division 3 triumph yesterday, it may have escaped the notice of many that Down were relegated from Division 2 yesterday (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:) despite beating Tipperary by three points. Unfortunately for Down, Meath beat near neighbours Louth to stay up.

Down 2-11 Tipperary 1-11
Louth 0-7 Meath 1-12


Well of course, the winner takes all the spoils. But they have made it very very difficult, for what ever reason and to debunk what their critics say about them even though they have the giant size slice of support universally. I’m glad now we didn’t batter them out the door. They have made the games heart stopping stuff to the end.


Ha Rufus, I like that emojee!

Poor result for Tipp. Shame to see Meath stay up again. Down seem to be on an inexorable slide. Will they ever be the force they once were again, since the spell of unbeaten All-I final appearances was broken? And with the changes in demographics oop North etc. Rufus hopes not.