Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


But if he actually didn’t know Keegan was there and was jumping in to intercept the ball, is it really a sending off?


I thought both tackles in the Mayo Tyrone game were poor challenges and deserving of red cards.

Regarding Moran, I think it’s fairly obvious that he shouldn’t have done what he did but I don’t want to see him banned for 12 weeks.

If he is banned, which I don’t think he will be, Mayo could get a really sore one off Galway. Mayo can’t really afford either of Keegan or Moran to be missing let alone both. COCs injury doesn’t appear as serious as Keegan’s.

The black card to Colm Cavanagh was a joke. Gamesmanship at its finest from McLoughlin.


I would say most people don’t want to see him get banned and IMO a 12 week ban for what he done would be over the top, but I do feel the infringement is the same as Connolly’s one, letting Moran off because the ref handled it, is a cop out as it was clear in the Connolly case that the ref also handled it on the pitch by deciding to take no action, what happened after that is anyone’s guess, but it is unfair to treat players differently , Connolly’s case was always going to come back and haunt them and now they can either turn a blind eye or throw the book at Moran, turning the blind would understandably lead to frustration on behalf of lads like Connolly or Comerford that paid the full price for their actions.


It’s about consistency. Nothing personal against Andy Moran - but previous good behaviour and shaking hands with the ref are not mitigating factors. As Spillane told us while almost having a cardiac this carries a 12 week ban - even pointing a finger was horrifyingly threatening to Pat.

And then he says nothing last night. What a hypocrite. RTE really need to ditch the dinosaurs. And as soon as they lost the rugby we won the grand Slam. Coincidence? I think not.


Consistency with RTE the flagbearers with the agenda. Your bang on the money with that post and Spillane the biggest hypocrite there is.


You’d think the officials would use a bit of common sense.

McLoughlin tackled CC from behind when he didn’t even have the ball and came off worst being the smaller and lighter man. But CC saw the line.

Didn’t affect the result of course…but in a tight game those decisions can make all the difference.

Still surprised at how poor Mayo were. Unless they can do a Lazarus…they could have an early season.


Many congrats on your fine win Daller. A very, very comprehensive showing by all accounts.

Big Aido crumpling like a cheap suit once again, when a half decent team puts it up to them.

Qu’elle surprise ! :thinking:


Gracias PD.

Still not sure if Tyrone were that good or Mayo didn’t show up.

But if Mayo reach an AI final this year I’ll eat my hat.

Next up is Kerry in Healy Park.

It’s usually a spicy affair - but might be a bit flat as both sides are now safe.

Still, just something nice about playing Kerry. And they’re owed one.


Interesting that this came just after a couple of very high profile former players had a go at Tyrone’s style of play on the Twitter machine. Do you read anything into that? MH was very scathing of them, in the post match interviews on the Nutjob News podcast.


Absolutely not. Leave them where they are. We want them on the TV.

Fast forward to Autumn 2019, and the final whistle has blown in Croker, Dublin have done the impossible, and won the five-in-a-row. The camera cuts from jubilant scenes in Croke Park, to the studio, where Pat is asked for his reaction to the win, as the camera pans in on his face.

Tell me you don’t f**king want that. Even the possibility that it might happen is worth leaving the current TSG panel in place.


Yes that is tempting …


Would I be right in thinking that the league final will be the first time we’ve played Galway in Croker since the 12 Apostles final ?

Would be a crazy length of time to have gone if so


Certainly a novel pairing, which is great. 7 finals in 8 years, 5 different opponents.


The Proudster said yous are no better than half-decent.


Sunday next will tell a lot more about Tyrone than last Sunday. Mayo were simply horrendous. I think ye can take Kerry with home advantage.


Only seen the highlights but Tyrone seemed to run all over Mayo in the first half and their point taking was superb.

Love seeing Matty Donnelly when hes on song


Bit of anti climax to the final round this year, other years almost every team had something to play for going into the last day, unfortunately this year there is only one game of interest as the rest has all been decided, maybe that is the down side to not having semi finals, although I wouldn`t be in favour of bringing back the semis.


Think Lee Brennan is a really classy forward. Got a lovely goal and a point from an horrendous angle in the second half. Mattie Donnelly is also a great player. Always thought it was a bit of a myth that Tyrone didn’t have good forwards. Their style of play gives that impression more than the lads skill set imo


Brennan only getting a decent run this year - has been very good at club level. Looked to be in better shape on Sunday than when he played us. Knows where the posts are - as do Mattie D and Peter Harte. Still need another couple to step up.


Couldn’t believe how poor Mayo were on the highlights. They’ve been here before although something about this year feels different. Complete lack of discipline from some players, very basic errors, players not tracking runners, have they finally thrown in the towel?