Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Replace ‘fan favourite players’ with women…and ‘young & inexperienced managers’ with men…and you’ve summed up marriage PD.


Not to me Sugar britches, not to me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Chicken and egg. The gaffer is given more authority also by winning an All-Ire


Yeh but its a nothing game now, much less can be learned even than when they beat yous in a qualifier when Tyrone were a pale shadow of their former team at its best.

However as I said previously yis do seem to have turned a bit of a corner, and as we know, doing that after a huge downer like last years semifinal can be a great fresh start for a team. Add a couple of talented players giving more options and suddenly there’s real opportunity.


We must’ve played Galway in the League there in later 80s too


I know…but tyrone haven’t been able to beat Kerry since that qualifier in 2010.

Last yr’s semi was a truly brutal experience…probably what ‘09 was to Dublin.

So back to back wins against Donegal, Mayo and Kerry mean more than just 6 pts.

It’s sort of proving there’s life left in the team. And you need that hope with the fans behind the team.


Relegation to d2wpuldnt mean much this year tbf but next year it could be very harmful to them. Unlike in the hurlin the chances of a division two team winning Sam are nil.


The chances of a Div 2 hurling team winning Sam are indeed nil …


Lol I fell into the aul division 1a really is division 2 trap again…


Are you a member of Thomas Davis?


No way … it’s not in his DRA …


I m sure we did but that’s the only game I can recollect in Croker for some reason. Think it was a play off for a quarter final place in one of the many reconfigurations of the league the gaa used to indulge in. It’s jack Sheedy s goal that makes me remember. An absolute cracker it was.


Where were you in 1983?


So did Holmes and Connolly make it all up then?

The players picking the meal time schedule and kicking up a stink when it was slightly delayed for mass!
Wanting to pick who played in goal and up front
Demanding which physio was used

Some story to concoct in fairness and so specific it’s hard to believe it isn’t true.


Can t remember? If you can remember the 80 s you were nt there . Where do you live Dub09?


Donegal up 9-6 at HT :eyes:


Jammy fucks


Well done mayo…showed plenty of heart and fight to claw that bank. Off the weak foot from McLoughlin…they never disappoint in the excitement stakes…brilliant in first 20, then nothing for next 20…saves a few months ink of mayo being finished as well …


McBrearty had the chance to send Mayo down. Pity.


Thats 3 words that never want to hear on this site :grin::grin: