Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Football scene would have been a lot poorer for them over last few years as much as people deride them.


The two teams that got relegated deserved it and can have no complaints.


Ba humbug. Disappointed for Donegal.

Just out of Healy Park.

Long time since I saw a score like that against Kerry.

Kerry shaded the first half even though they went in a point down.

In the second half it was mostly one way with Tyrone getting 1-6 to Kerry’s 3 pts. And R O’N missed a penalty.

Kerry got a few pts in injury time but all over by then.

In fairness to Kerry they fielded a very young side. So woundn’t read anything into it.

But no badness, no red cards, no black cards…and Monaghan winning. A strange day indeed.


Yesssss!!! Very happy Mayo man on the way home this evening. Fantastic two scores by Eoin and Kevin at the death to clinch the draw.

I also backed the draw so double delight :slight_smile:


Lump it all on Mayo for Sam. Stars aligning - Dubs on the wane


Will be an unusual league final in my local bar as everyone will be roaring on the dubs :wink: hope Ye wallop them out the gate !


I am not so sure that Mayo gave a b…ks about the league…


Plenty of smiling and back slapping from Mayo at the end.


County board will breath a sigh of relief. With ongoing debts being paid on MacHale Park…would we be getting 15-20,000 people to see us play in division 2? I doubt it.


High 5’s, hugs and fist pumps cause they get a last kick equaliser to avoid relegation. spare me !


There’s an off button on your remote if so easily offended… :persevere:


Nice shots of Stephen Rochford at the end though …


Mayo showed good character today.

It’s days like this that remind you why they’re able to make AI finals.

But have to admit I really hoped Donegal would win.


I didn’t have a remote, watched the last 2 mins off it on the telly in croker, Could have walked away I suppose?


The actual footage from TG4 is much the same.e


It was vital - for next year - for Mayo to draw today, relegation (literally a kick of the ball either way) wouldn’t have changed things for this summer anyway but if things go pear shaped this summer followed by division two the cracks would be too big to cover over.

At the end of the day the right two went down to division two, and the team very marginally better than them just about clung in, so it was very fair in the end.


Donegal tries to play an attacking brand of football …and get relegated. And that prick Devenny off Donegal derides Tyrone saying they should play like Donegal .

■■■■ you Devenny , we won’t forget your jibes about Dublin .


Next year there will be 1 Leinster team, 1 Munster, 3 Ulster & 3 Connaught in Div 1, unusual


So nothings changed so! Was there selfie central going on?


Or close your eyes and count 1-1000 2-1000 till it was all over - but if they showed the celebrations and fist pumps, high fives and selfies you would be counting to nearly half a mil…