Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Have to say I’d take the fist pumps and high fives over a post game chat about the “process”


In the last 3 games Tyrone have scored 2-13, 2-14 and 1-16 against Donegal, Mayo and Kerry

(And missed penalties in the last 2 games).

That’s the same average as the 5 games leading to last year’s semi.

I’m all for attacking football as well, but not at the expense of being relegated.


I’d also take an all Ireland medal over a high five fist pump and an extensive twitter presence. Just saying


I’m not sure you’ll be getting the choice.

I just think its nit picking by some to criticize mayo for some mild (from what I saw) celebration of avoiding relegation. I’m sure the manner of it with 3 late scores also at play.

You get the media today in several areas calling them out for being gone again, no heart anymore etc…then they pull it from the fire and mildly enjoy what was a great “draw”:confused: …and they’re criticized for that.


Like you told @MickeyDonovan where the ‘off’ button was how about you don’t bother reading the ‘criticisms’?

You’re very adept at criticising Dublin yourself .,


I don’t mind about being reminded of the process, A process that has delivered 3 in a row,


If you’d listened the first time, he wouldn’t have to keep reminding you :wink:


Then take your own advice and switch off!


When you have the likes of Roscommon and Monaghan with small populations and stretched resources in division 1, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on in Meath, Kildare and Laois


Great point from McLoughlin
Bonner didn’t look happy with the ref there .


Donegal keeper wasted a power of time on kick outs.


All game or at the end ?


Entire second half.


I heard Paddy McB is driving around in a brand new 181 MO reg tonight …


CW made a good point about Donegal needing to get a balance between attack and a defensive structure.

They have some lovely forwards but have been poor at the back.

Going by today’s analysis, it looks like they’re now mixing the 2 styles.

Will be interesting to see how they play in the Ulster C’ship.


It was to be expected, you can’t shift from one style to another without some teething problems. With McBrearty they’ll always be in with a shout.


For sure.

Any new manager is going to come with his own ideas and that involves experimenting.

Unfortunately Div1 isn’t a forgiving place to get it wrong.

But with the forwards they have, and an Ulster in between, your expect them to improve next season.


I know he dropped the shot short but in fairness he is a class act.


Ah he is no doubt. They would’ve been relegated without him.


Mayo have an unbelievable ability to play poorly and get a result. But then they play well against us in the all ireland series and lose.

Colm Boyle got away with yet another late tackle yesterday. Been at it all league and somehow getting away with it