Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


The Murphy deployment is strange too. Against negative sides i understand him playing deep as more goes through him but otherwise he should be a full forward imo.


Casey is the same fella who totally embellished the tunnel incident from the 2016 final. I had actually forgotten that he played for Mayo until he came out with that…


Yeh but what about Vs Donegal in 2012. And Kerry in 2014. Both games they should’ve won if they were good enough. Would they have beaten Donegal in the 2014 final?


Yes, but unlike you with your millions…the rest of us can’t afford for 4 man servants to lift us and down to cheer.


Think the point McHugh was making is a bit like the end of Scooby Doo.

If it hadn’t have been for you pesky Dubs, Mayo would’ve gotten away with it.

Hard to argue with that this past few years.


Is he the same lad who was “shaking” after the “big row” that never happened in the tunnel before the 16 final?


Dont know, he was one of 1 of the Mayo team that the other shower bet the shite out of in 96 though :joy::joy:


And the point I was making/am still making is that they also couldn’t beat Donegal, and Kerry, (who as we now know weren’t as good as Dublin), when it really mattered most.

And would they have beaten Donegal in 14??


Jeez Al.

They only made DeLorean’s up here…!

How’s a good looking fella like me know the answer to that.


Qotw :laughing:


Fabricated, more like.


You know what I think half of Mayo’s problem is … all the backslapping they get for doing very little. In the run up to the game at the weekend and even since then I’ve seen some of the following used to describe them:

  • Heroes
  • The most resilient team of all time
  • The never say die attitude etc… etc…

That gobshite Bernard Flynn was even on about a statue being erected of Kevin McLoughlin after yesterday (I know he was talking in jest but seriously!). I really believe the squad buy in to all the backslapping they get. In reality what have they actually done … More often than not they limp around the league and championship (narrowly beating the likes of Roscommon, Derry, Clare etc… ) then they have one or maybe 2 good games a year, usually the final or semi-final and that makes them heroes?! ….

In my opinion, all of the superlatives used to describe Mayo are more deserving by the likes of Monaghan, Roscommon and Cavan who will all be playing Division 1 football next season. They haven’t half the population or resources of Mayo but can somehow manage a more coherent approach to football at the moment.


So more resources and greater population should lessen achievements - whatever those achievements maybe ?

and we are convinced of an anti Dublin agenda due to our resources and greater population?


It doesnt lessen it. It’s all relative.

Pound for pound Dublin are doing brilliantly at all levels - including the recent success of Cuala.

The counties that Hawkeye mentioned are doing really well with theirs…albeit at a different level of success.

And regardless of Dublin’s greater resource…you take away Jim Gavin and you might find the silverware is as much down to him as anything else.


Yes. You’re a Dub and deserve all the agendas we can throw at you.

If you don’t like it, go to a Dublin fan site.

Oh wait…


totally agree.

There is more to it than resources, but find it funny that we are throwing around a resource argument for other county’s when its thrown at us all the time.

We have always had the resources , the population is bigger (but GAA isn’t the cornerstone of all things in the towns of dublin like it would be in other countys - plus a heap of culchies live here !!) but we won 3 all irelands in 28 years between 1983 and 2011.


I think it’s a mixture of things.

All things being equal, obviously a big pool of clubs helps…but Derry have as much as Monaghan or Cavan and got relegated to Div4.

They change managers every few years and players are known for choosing club football over county. Half of them clear off the states after they get knocked out of Ulster.

Then you look at what Slaughneil have achieved, with the football, hurling and camogie.

In short, you need more ingredients than money and population alone.




Talking to a ex Mayo player today and he said that Keegan’s injury is not that serious, anyway he reckons that he is too stubborn to be out too long


Jim is a legend but in all fairness he inherited a great squad . Gillor laid the groundwork with building it .