Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


I bumped into Pat Gilroy outside CP…a year or so after he left. Trying to think what game it was.

But he was with his young son and walked right in front of us.

No VIP/press tickets obviously.

He ended a lot of heartache for the dubs after 08 and 09…but his light is probably hidden by this current team.


It was a real shame how '12 went . Talk about sleep walking through that championship . But I suppose we were still living off the kool aid of '11 . We will be forever grateful to him for landing that title . He gave us the breakthrough .
Jim’s attacking setup was a joy to watch after '12.


I’m not sure how you managed to segway off from what I was talking about but my point is perfectly illustrated over in the Irish Independent thread right now where we have another ball massaging article for Mayo.

While the GAA media laud Mayo for another atrocious league campaign I see very little in the way of praise for the likes of Monaghan, Cavan and Roscommon over recent weeks.


Monaghan are standard fair at this stage - Solid league campaigns, ulster contenders and exit the championship in August at the 1/4 stages.

Mayo are the box office that journos love.

As for the segway , think its strange that you would go down the route of Mayo having more resources than these counties.


To put in to context the achievements of 3 those counties whose entire population could comfortably fit in to Croke Park.

I have also no issue with resources or population being discussed. I don’t hide behind what Dublin get, I just think we have the structures in place to use it more constructively than most other counties.


Guys Mayo population is 130K…less than many. That said the county is Gaelic football bonkers.


Just about a terrace full more than Kerry :wink:


Ahh lads, the resources thing is not where we want to go is it. Sure Mayo is way down in 17’th place for population, significantly less than the likes of Kerry, Donegal, Meath, Cork, Limerick, Kildare, Wicklow, Wexford and Tipp.

Galway have a population about the same as Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo combined.

Mayo and Dublin might have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the organisation of available resources in both counties is what is impressive. Mayo has a huge diaspora which can get tapped when needed.


Unless Croke Park’s capacity is now over 200,000 the population of those three counties combined cannot fit in Croke Park.


Plenty of people from those 3 counties living in the Greater Dublin area with their Meath/Dublin/Kildare kids and grandkids


Plenty of room on the pitch! And in the toilets…


Our Diaspora is huge alright…I read a study where 9 million in the US alone can trace ancestors to Mayo…shhhh though or they will be looking to split Mayo in 10 :wink:


They had a lucky escape !!!


Have ya a link for that ?


I’ll try and find it over the weekend. In Cleveland Ohio there are a huge number of descends from west Mayo.

Interesting reading


Cheers :+1: , would be nice as I have strong family connections in the west , which includes Mayo .


Off topic here but In 1841 Mayo had a population of 388,000. It has never recovered. The county suffered a greater loss than any other but all counties did suffer.

I actually consider the famine to be genocide by the British. How ithe empires nearest neighbour could suffer so much is baffling.


You know the saying no matter where you are in the world you’ll meet an Irishman…a friend of mine from Galway adds to that by saying “chances are he is a Mayo man”

You may be interested to know how we got our colors green and red?

“it goes back to the very foundation of the GAA itself, and one of the first ever recorded games of football in the county Mayo.

Colonel Maurice Blake of Towerhill was a landlord in South Mayo, and patron of his local football team, Carnacon. When Carnacon played Belcarra in 1887, Colonel Blake saw the chance to make a political point – Blake was a Catholic, and Belcarra were sponsored by a local Protestant, Unionist, family, the Brownes. In the light of this, Colonel Blake insisted that Carnacon line out in strips that featured Green above Red, in reference to Dr Croke’s fear, expressed his famous letter to Michael Cusack, that if the Irish did not stand up to express their nationality, we might all just as well “clap hands for joy at the sight of the Union Jack, and place ‘England’s bloody red’ exultantly above the green.”

And that is why Mayo have always worn the green above the red, and always must, if they are to mean anything at all”


It came about because of how vulnerable they were left by centuries of oppression. Same as what’s happened in parts of Africa, South America, and Asia in the last century, and in other parts of Europe especially in the further past, East Europe and parts of Russia into the last century. Parts of Eurasia in the latter part of the last century. Scotland wasn’t much better off til the industrial revolution. Parts of China and central Asia and places like North Korea of course in recent decades and through the centuries.

But Mayo hardly suffered much worse than Galway or Donegal?


No they all suffered but in terms of population loss Mayo lost the most. It’s in the records.