Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Great story and you want to have a good reason for wearing that horrible combination :grinning:


But what about the more recent famine of 1951-2017. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Yeah heading out on the coffin ships…must have been a terrible choice…stay in Ireland and die or chance your arm of surviving the coffin ships…one way ticket too. Very few if any ever saw Ireland again.


British kids aren’t really told of their murdering past…unless that’s changed in recent times.

Look i acknowledge they were different times and the British gave the world a lot in terms of advancement and were indeed invaded themselves a few times but the genocide in many countries including this one are a huge black mark on their legacy.


It was a deliberate consequence of policy, and a tactic to subjugate. But the deluded fuckers are ignorant of their history.


Luckily they have shedded all that delusion stuff …


Well we got them out of 26 counties but then handed the keys of the country over to the Catholic Church…only recently are we breaking free of them too


Lots of Irish murdering has gone on too over the centuries. Who’s to say what the Irish would have done if they had the power. Historically power has usually been tied up in exploitation the world over.


Indeed, but i think the truth is beginning to be told and listened to.A recent episode of Victoria was entirely devoted to the famine.It is a popular show and there was a huge responce on twitter with people admitting their ignorance and being shocked by this piece of local history.


True…sure didn’t we kidnapp St.Patrick!


I wouldn’t go so far as to describe the 2008 QF as that…or even the 2005 replay.

Hammerings…yes. But not muderings.

And I’d be last person to try and wind anyone up.

P.s. no childish replies about results since then. They will be ignored.


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British kids aren’t really told of their murdering past…unless that’s changed in recent times.

I worked in an ever so posh grammar school in England in the early 90’s.
The student’s history books didn’t cover the famine in any great detail. What detail was included more or less said it was all our own fault.
But as you said, maybe it has changed in recent times.


Goes to prove the old adage about history being written by the victor.


What’s even more baffling is that Ireland was considered by London as to be part of one and the same country (not just the empire).

Simon Reeve is a good, travelling broadcaster on the BBC. He has done series of shows travelling different parts of the world. He did a two part show on Ireland and offered his own view that the British Empire’s rule was at its most brutal in its closest neighbour.


History is written to suit, things change very quick in a short time, britain nowadays would be more willing to talk about their wrong doings as now it is more favorable for them to do so, 30 years ago it was a different story, who would have said that a former US president would give a speech at Martin Mcguinness’s funeral 30 years ago.


Even how up here has changed for the good…though much more to go.

As a kid I’d have been very aware of danger.

But my own kids are blissfully unaware of politics…and football is their only religion.

Sean C was saying most of the Moy went down the club final and it was all religions and people who are from E Europe and that’s a good sign of the times.


Dublin was the “second city” too.


Yeah but the *cough ‘other crowd’ were cheering for Michael Glavey’s …


Damn it!

I thought them adding Red to the Moy’s blue and white suspicious the more I think of it.

Got to go and assemble a lynch mob asap.


That looked a bit harsh for the peno , looked like he knocked the ball out of his hands . Was there a push ?