Allianz Hurling League (NHL1B) 2018


Well done Limerick on finally getting out of 1B. Went very close a couple of times in recent years!


Was talking to a Galway back room person recently who told me that Galway are very happy in Division One B and have no ambition to be ever promoted to One A as it is now structured.
They can toddle along nice and easy in 1b needing only four points to qualify for the quarter finals. It’s only at that stage that they get interested and use the knockout games to prepare for championship. His point was that every game in 1A is a do or die All Ireland final type game which makes the year too long if they are trying to keep players fresh for championship.


That’s a very valid and sensible point …


There should be plenty of confusion for opening 20 mins in Corrigan Park for Antrim v Laois relegation play off. Game listed for 2pm start. Antrim v Carlow football same venue with a 1pm start! Pitch is tight enough without having four teams playing at one time! :grinning:


Probably a case meant for Casement …


Need to have it ready just in case!



CLOSER then you might have expected. Offaly are improving.


Or KK are regressing!


Or a little from column a and a little from column b. Thought kk had shown good form the last few weeks.


Clare goal rightfully dissallowed for 8 or 9 steps. But Limerick goal in the first half looked equally like overcarrying before he kicked it to the net.


Limerick forward going through was being fouled so I think refs can give advantage to the forward in this case.


Can’t. If you foul while playing your advantage, it is a free against you.


But is there not provision given for an extra few steps as he was being prevented from being able to play the ball, his hand/arm with ball was being held.


No according to rule but you frequently see the refs turning a blind eye.


It seems to be one of those unwritten rules. Leave him off a few extra steps while yerman is hangin out of him.


Enjoyable game. Standard not brilliant. Limerick goals only reason they’re still in this. Clare the better team.

What’s amazing & v frustrating though is the different set of rules this ref is applying vs the set applied or more aptly not applied by ref in Cuala game!!


Connaught ref today compared to Munster ref in the Cuala game. A bit like the Gaeilge in school, one regions version of the language different to anothers :grinning::wink:


Like this fella a lot more than that Munster fella alright!

Hopefully Cuala get a Connacht / Leinster ref for the replay :blush:


Enjoyable enough fare for bank holiday Monday … hard to know how much you can read for summer ahead