Allianz Hurling League (NHL1B) 2018


Ah relax will you. It’s novel and we only get here after 2 sets of ET.

No doubt, I’ll be agreeing with you in few years when the bean counters in CP and sky suggest adverts between each attempt :wink:


That was great entertainment! :grinning:

Clare will be kicking themselves!


Could you imagine an AI final being settled this way.


I can’t imagine you’d be getting the poxy rugby “respect the kicker”


Or make the next 5 pucks more difficult by moving them 30m towards the sideline.
In general, I think it’s a good idea, but as usual both managers interviewed were against it - without putting up an alternative.


Lesson in all this for Pat Gilroy: Get lads practicing their 65’s You never know when it might come in handy!


Just as well penalties aren’t used.


Didn’t realise until reading the above that it rotated back to the original free takers. That is defeating the whole point of the thing really. If it keeps on going with new guys, at least there is some attempt at finding out which team has the most skill in at least one aspect.


I think it is unfair conclusion to a game. It puts a lot of pressure on the individual player who misses the shot. A better way would be to play on after extra time and the first team to 3 points or first goal would be the winner.


Extra time is treated as a new game but only sort of (as per GAA Rules)!!! If it was a new game then a player sent off on double yellows or a black could play in extra time, but they can’t!!!

Yellow cards are wiped clean, but notings aren’t !!!

You can start with any 15 from the panel (excluding sending offs / black cards) and these will not count as subs. Can use a further 3 subs.


Really have to do something regarding the rules in extra time. Let’s be honest, it’s not a new game, it’s an extension of the current one.
Actually think the most ridiculous rule in the game is a team being allowed back to 15 if someone has been sent off in normal time.


Not very nice Michael … punditry will dry up if that continues …


He has to put his kids through college, so apparently that means he can spout any ould shite.


Offaly gave Kilkenny a bit of a rattle in the QFs… The various form lines are shaping up.


Anthony Daly saying draw games after extra time should be sorted by Penalties! Inclined to agree with that!


Don’t agree with the same 5 players stepping up again for 65’s. Should go down through the rest of panel…


That was the daftest thing of all. How do they not go to the rest of the team after the first five?


I dont think they knew what they were doing really…


Yep, I wonder is that the rule, or did they just make a mistake. It seems crazy.


Saw something on twitter that same 5 do go again. Not sure of the reason but not an option, it’s a must do to use same if level after first 5 shots