Allianz NHL1, Rd 1, Dublin v Kilkenny, Nowlan Park, Sunday 26/01/2020 @ 14:00

Difficult first game for the lads, team selection will be interesting a few regulars haven’t been seen back yet so wonder will Mattie try any of the new guys at the trickiest of venues.

Kilkenny probably without the ballyhale and tullaroan players. If so this is a winnable game.

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A win would be great but we’ll have disjointed preparation.

Kilkenny got hammered by Wexford and Ballyhale lads unavailable and Tullaroan out this Saturday.

That said I should have read the second post here.

As you were.

I’m sure theirs is similar.
And we’ve had a few more games.

Sure - nowlan park is not generally a happy hunting ground but i’m liking the confidence!

Ah yeah. I’d be fairly positive of a decent performance. We may not win, and, as you say, nolan not a happy hunting ground for us, but I certainly think there’s a good chance of a win here.

No more so then anyone else I’d imagine. Kenny has been there for pre season this year so we should be in a position to start stronger.

I hope he doesn’t experiment like mad in the league. One or two potentials per game is enough to try. We don’t want to go into the championship still finding a team (I was going to say like last year, but he actually did find his team in the league but he seemed to lose faith in it before the championship, only to go back to it in the last few games).

The emphasis has to be on finding one or two forwards. If he plays Crummy the younger in the forwards he will become a starter there I am sure. Sutcliffe will be a starter obviously, Hayes probably too, Rushe if is fit, Boland if he isn’t midfield. So it is only one or two he needs.

It’d be great to start out with a win, especially down there. Might not be the biggest thing really but a nice confidence boost early in the season. Looking forward to see how our attack get on this year. With shutte back and Hayes seemingly starting well goves us two big physically and skillful options we could do with. Any sign of the curries or mellot? Sorry I know they’ve. Probably been mentioned already. Also Burke seems to be doing well which is another bonus on last year.


Currie has been much discussed, but my assumption would be that if he hasn’t featured in the Walsh Cup, he isn’t under consideration (but that could be entirely wrong, he could be injured or something).

Cian O Sullivan would be very interesting to see, but I don’t think we have seen a Brigids player yet (Winters, Dunne, O Sullivan), maybe a team holiday or the like?

Well we’ve seen Nolan and Dunphy who are Brigids, but Neither are involved in Fitzgibbon, so the hope is there’s some correlation there.

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So no decision by keaney yet

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Lineups in Nowlan Park will be interesting. Both counties might be impacted by Rd3 of the Fitzgibbon taking place Weds and Thurs evening, and Kilkenny surely missing the Ballyhale and Tullaroan set who Cody would be very unlikely to disturb from hangovers this week.
it is too long since we won a game there but we will travel in hope…

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Won once in 60 years!