American Football League (NFL) 2019-2020

Watson another who will have a short career


Mahomes will certainly have to watch himself too

That’s the crux of it, even running backs who are built for it, have zero longevity so there’s no way scrambling QBs are ever going to last more than a few years really.

Is Russell Wilson an exception to the rule

No include the tiger woods looking mofo !!!


Lads a wizard , would be a shame if his career was curtailed by injury .

Antonio Brown has a TD for the Pats :eyes:

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probably didn’t make a difference as the Saints were probably gonna struggle to move the ball anyway in the 2nd half but they can’t be happy with another terrible call by the refs against them playing the Rams costing them a TD in the 2nd quarter

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Thats more like my usual, 5/15 so far

Big Ben out for the season and Brees more than likely out for 6 weeks


Ah bollix , I have to parachute Mayfield in now :man_facepalming:

He’s handy enough in fairness

And so the Daniel Jones era begins in New York… I’ll be sad to see Eli go and QB is only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the giants issues.

Brown released by the Pats

You got to be shitting me

Nope :rofl:

Mother of Jaysis hes killing me. This years Leveon Bell

What are the rules on “playing” for a third team this year is he a free agent can someone (who ever is mad enough) get him now.

I think he can sign for anyone.

I wonder did he get all of the signing bonus from the Patriots?

Read one article saying he was due the signing fee next week and he probably won’t get it depending on what the official grounds for release were. Then read another said he could take them for 9m or somethitn crazy like that. Doesn’t seem to be much bad blood at the moment though

That’s good news, not a nice guy