American Football League (NFL) 2019-2020

Cam seems a shadow of himself

More interested in dressing up post game

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The fact then panthers didn’t force any interceptions out of Jamesis was the losing of the game for them

The Bucs had that game won against the 49ers last week bar those turnovers

he looked like something out of Mrs. Brown in the post conference

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The play call at the end was baffling. you need 6 inches and you have a 6’5’’ QB who weighs about 250…
Has to be a QB sneak or draw play there…
Tell’s me he’s more injured than they are letting on. He’s not throwing deep or doing as many designed runs for sure.

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still recovering from shoulder surgery? Something not right at all anyway. He only threw once over 20 yards last week as well

Hes fecked I’d say, another Andrew Luck situation. Looks a shadow of himself, unfortunate cuz the panthers were such a fun team in 2015. Dont think he ever really recovered from the Super Bowl loss

That’s the problem with all these scrambling qbs (i know Luck wasn’t) they are leaving themselves open to all sorts of tackles and what not… look at the longevity of Brady sitting in the pocket with great protection

Ben, Eli, Brady, Rivers, Brees

Its no wonder these guys are still playing at very good level at such an age. Issue with Cam is that he is so big, gonna naturally be more susceptible to injuries when your a monster like he is. The recklessness he has/had for his body didnt help.


Watson another who will have a short career


Mahomes will certainly have to watch himself too

That’s the crux of it, even running backs who are built for it, have zero longevity so there’s no way scrambling QBs are ever going to last more than a few years really.

Is Russell Wilson an exception to the rule

No include the tiger woods looking mofo !!!


Lads a wizard , would be a shame if his career was curtailed by injury .

Antonio Brown has a TD for the Pats :eyes:

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probably didn’t make a difference as the Saints were probably gonna struggle to move the ball anyway in the 2nd half but they can’t be happy with another terrible call by the refs against them playing the Rams costing them a TD in the 2nd quarter

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Thats more like my usual, 5/15 so far

Big Ben out for the season and Brees more than likely out for 6 weeks


Ah bollix , I have to parachute Mayfield in now :man_facepalming: