American Football League (NFL) 2019




Well, yes. Them and Dallas!


Might check it out then !


Rumours it might be a career ender


It’s a divisional match up - has been a massive rivalry throughout the years!

Anyone see Derrick Henry last night?
47.80 fantasy points; playing fantasy 5 years now, it’s the highest I’ve ever seen by an individual player.


My assumptions falls in line with the below…

Doug Martin got 51 in 2012

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Watched the huge TD , surely one of the lads should have taken him down .


Pathetic tackling alright - should have been taken down for sure!

Even without his 99 yarder, he was averaging 8.8 yards per carry - some numbers to post!

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I had him for that…on my bench!!! :sob::sob::sob:


Jags defenders were making 2019 business decisions all night!!

Was listening to one of the MMQB pods during the week and they were talking about Henry…one of the guys was comparing him to Eddy Lacy (i.e. a 250 lb back). Saying he doesn’t have the stop-start or jump-cut of a Bell or Elliott or vintage Peterson, but that he needs to build up to a head of speed to be effective.
The host (Andy Benoit i think) noted that when the Green Bay OC realised this about Lacy, they started to run a lot more pitch plays (like a rugby pass) which allowed him to be up and running by the time he got to the line of scrimmage…I noticed Ten doing a lot of these last night with Henry, which I think is new…Hard man to take down!! Big Fella


Crazy end to the Pats Dolphins game I see.

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Cowboy players not happy with that celebration for the Philly TD . Missed the extra point .


Crazy end to the game . , Amari Cooper with the winning TD in OT. Looked like the defender had got a touch on it to deflect the pass but Cooper then caught it & ran it in . 39 points in FF. Online ,people had said it was a crazy trade for him but he’s been decent.


Amazing stuff. Love the big guy in the torquoise trying to reach over the barrier! :grinning:

Christ I hate that gif, I just want to punch that twat so often til he can’t blink his stupid smart-arsed eyes anymore


Stephen A aint happy. That eagles TD that was overturned seemed like a bullshit call to me as well

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Two Saturday games this weekend and next … obliging!


The first round of playoff games too have 2 Sat and 2 Sun…it’s great!!!

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Was does the winner of the consolation playoffs get :joy: