American Football League (NFL) 2019





It was mediocre at best but wouldnt call it the worst. I think we have been spoiled the last few years. The Broncos and Bills blowouts in the 80s and 90s were poor TV. Broncos Panthers a few years back wasnt great either.
Even though the 2nd half never got going at least this game was in the balance until the TD.



The Dubs and The Pat’s. Six titles each this century. Beloved by their own. Despised by everyone else. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Really don’t get the people calling this the worst SB in history, it clearly wasn’t. Low scoring doesn’t = poor quality. It was a masterclass from New England. When you think back to where they were a few months ago nobody would have given them a chance. 6 rings for TB now, will be hard for anyone to argue against his greatest ever status, but some will try. The bitterness will be strong with this one.

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Although perhaps not some of them will find it awkward…



I went to bed at halftime and looking at the highlights this morning I feel I made the right decision. I know there is a lot to admire and appreciate in good defence, but it isn’t quite enough to keep me up to 3.30 in the morning when I have to get up for work at 7.

Still well done to the Patriots, I’m sure their fans are much happier to win a defensive game rather than lose a fantastic shootout(such as last year). Their record is outstanding in a sport which is designed to stop any one team dominating over a long period of time.



i enjoyed it, the whole game was obviously goign to be about which defence cracked in the 4th, and it turned out to be the rams. Once NE got that touchdown with 7 mins left you know they would rush and run down the lock, and i always find those 4th quarter scenarios very interesting.

The will they go for it on 4th down or go for the filed goal was very interesting too - with no timeouts left for LA the patriots were confident that their defence would stop the rams after the two min warning, and thats how it turned out.

That said, the rams were in it right to the end, that turnover/interception was a massive changer, and they got into the end zone with incomplete more than NE did.

all in all, a superb owl.




Very wise of you

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Couldn’t give a hoot what the score was



That certainly turned my head



What will Brady do if he gets an 11th Superbowl Ring?



the man can barely move around a field now, could be the first superbowl with a team playing a running game and no throws at all :smiley:



Watched the docu about Brady, some story wha. I think he was never the most mobile, just a very cool and smart customer who had the hunger to take all the harder times and make it pay when the opportunities came



and unlike edelman brady’s medic hasnt got him into PED trouble



The Broncos pulled that off with the shell of Peyton Manning

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im still not convinced that manning was actually alive at that time. I think it was an animatronic.

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He can shove it up his hole :wink:



Whatever happened to Ray Finkle?



Below were my takes ahead of the new season way back in August

My three takes as we get near(ish) the new season.

  1. LA Chargers will go close to winning at least an AFC Championship if not the whole thing.
    (Wasn’t the worst shout got to the divisional round before losing to eventual winners, completed outgamed by B & B)

  2. This will be the year we’ll see a regression from TB12
    (Hasn’t regressed, relies almost entirely on system, coolness and being clinical hasn’t changed)

  3. Saquon Barkley will disapoint alot of people as the giants O Line is still dirt
    (Rookie of the year after a monster year, despite the terrible O Line and QB situation)

3a) Derrick Henry will have a monster year
(Disappointing year, did have a 4 TD game)

5/10 is my own grade for my predictions