American Football League (NFL) 2019


Brown asked for a trade


Ah i know but they didnt appear to put up much of struggle to keep him , if the reports are anything to go by .


some drop in their wage bill


Would have been some options with Bell , AB , Juju & Conners .


Sure why not. He can afford to




He must be pretty deflated with this going public.


Word over here is there is some concern over the age of the “ladies” involved.

Might be bollix just because he’s a Trump supporter.


Okey Dokey


Christ he went far far away for it anyway


He’ll be shite wherever he goes (Jags most likely)…


Ya reckon he just had one of those years where it all fell into place for the SB season ?


I think he thrives under Pederson, and not so much without him. His Super Bowl season was exceptional obviously, but he was pretty hot when called upon this season too.


Wasn’t a season…it was 6/7 games where, don’t get me wrong he played well, Pederson (and Reich) rolled out this RPO (Run pass option) stuff that no one had seen and he made just enough throws to get them over the line.

Once NFL teams have video of you and what your strengths and weaknesses are…then you generally get found out…

These back-up rethreads very very rarely work out…they usuallly end up proving why they were back-ups in the first place (see Fitzmagic, Case Keenum, Mike Glennon, Brock Oswieler, Matt Schaubb (and all Texans QB’s since…until DWatson))…Josh McCown, AJ McCarron…

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The Jags going to be a total car crash!!

There is no connected thinking with this franchise whatsoever…it started with the Blake Bortles pick (no accuracy in college and shock horror, no accuracy as a pro)…they then doubled down when selecting Fournette at 4, who is in no way a difference maker just a straight up and down power-runner (ten to a dozen)…add that to a combustible locker room with the likes of Jalen Ramsey in there and this is a sh*tshow…

Now they bring in Di Filippo (which is fine) but again does not match with Fournette…the guy you are trying to build around (for some reason)…none of it makes sense to me…

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