American Football League (NFL) 2019




Wonder where Bortles will end up.


McDonalds or Burger King my guess. Take a knee Kaperick even a better option




Baker to OBJ :joy:


Not one bit impressed with this as a giants fan…


If rumors are to be believed…
OBJ to the browns, Brown to the raiders and Bell to the Jets :dizzy_face:

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Can’t believe whats after happening with OBJ.

Collins and OBJ gone and Eli under center for another year :sleepy:


All about landing Lawrence from Clemson when he enters the draft next year. Potentially the highest rated college QB of all time. If you get him and a boat load of high picks for the next 2-3 years, it sets you up for 10 years


Lawrence is class. Am insanely jealous of his hair too.


The right idea Id have thought was keep the star receiver to blood the rookie QB? I dont think the move makes alot of sense, not even from a cap space scenario.

The Browns on the other hand, Landry, Mayfield, Hunt, OBJ. Playoff material


Didn’t Luck receive a number of perfect ratings from very esteemed scouts…I think he was the first since Elway to get a “99”.

Luck just from an eye test would seem to have had a bit more size and running ability (which he rarely uses) coming out…but I haven’t seen too much of TL yet.


That’s just the Off…
The Browns have some talent on Def too…Garrett, Ward (could be a big stars), Ogunjobi and rumored Sheldon Richardson…


Browns next years Rams …


He doesn’t enter the draft until 2021! You have to be 3 years out of High School before declaring!
So they’re stuck with Eli, potenitally even some plugger if Eli is tanking like has done for 4/5 years now, for 2 more years, until they can potenitally get Lawrence in 2021.


Giants might be eyeing up the Hawaiian QB at Alabama.


Hawaii would be a great place for an NFL franchise, would it not?


not quite the market size they generally go for…

@dubinhell I doubt very much that Tua will be much cop as a pro


Fair bit of travelling involved for all parties if there was a Hawaii team, especially teams not on the west coast. Only 4/32 are on the West coast + Cardinals


Is Kitchens the OC for the browns as well still? dont think rookie QBs do too well with too many coaching changes.

*Todd Monken is OC, with TB last year & they were okay offensively