Anti-Social Scumbags


Both were on parole having murdered people previously.


There is a judge and solicitors who need to answer publicly for making this happen, no f*cking hiding behind “the system”.
The legals in this country need to be treated as social pariahs


Agreed, though this particular case is in the UK.


Ridiculous that parole board found he was suitable for release at all. Scumbags like him should never see the light of day outside a prison again


It costs between one and two hundred thousand to keep someone locked up. The cat’o’nine’tails is far cheaper and gets better results. Joking aside, there is huge evidence that prison does not work but Judicial Corporal Punishment works very well.


Doesn’t work?? It brought those two fcuking animals together!!!


What this country needed is a healy rae in every constituency, NOW that would be interesting


Lots of drunk-driving, fairies, roundabouts, bad weather, a mini Noah’s Ark and music played on the roofs of cars! I see no problem at all!


Until you need one


Shower of bastards

If there’s any justice if their caught they’ll be dumped up on Ben Bulben in the dead of night


I wonder who it could be …


That stuff would be useful to people who have a nomadic lifestyle!


Foreigners? Or gypos?


People who like the outdoors lifestyle. Camping and the like.


I blame new age fundamentalist hippies. Get ready for worlds end.


Fair play to this pensioner. He better not get charged or convicted of anything. Scumbag burglar got everything he deserved by the sounds of it.


He took on two of them? Fair play to him.


One of them forced him in to the kitchen and held him there using a screwdriver while the other scumbag ransacked upstairs. At some stage in the kitchen it looks like he got hold of a knife and stabbed the burglar.


Fair play to the aul lad. Hopefully he’s not dragged through the system like poor Padraig Nally


Hopefully the Dept of Social Protection are involved here seeing as none of them were working