Anti-Social Scumbags


Social protection?

Hopefully they’re all off to prison!


Should this thread be merged with the conor mcgregor one?


Bit unfair on the average scumbag though.




His initials are ROB … the facking irony eh …


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I think the rehab ship for this chap sailed long ago


He says he is remorseful! The article says he is a trained roofer. Yeah. A trained tin-roofer.


Definitely something to do with some coppers as well.


Some fucking neck


Who, and why?


Knock knock, who’s there? Kan tanna… Dirt bags. absolute dirtbags.


Absolute madness.

Were they after the cars in the driveway?

What exactly is the industry for stolen cars anyway. Is there really a black market out there were people are buying stolen cars?

There must be a way to deter the bastards. If you ever lose your phone there is an app to get it back, is there not a similar app for cars. Even dogs are chipped ffs.


I think cars are generally stolen for either joyriding or used in some other form of crime later -getaway cars for robberies, shootings, etc


I don’t think they were after the cars. Seen they think it could be a case of mistaken identity as the person’s mothers car was recently targeted before the robbery.


The banks and bankers should be in here.


7 years is still too short for these fucking animals


Far too short.


Both should lose a limb for that.


Were they armed?


The lads who bashed the Guards:

Both officers were taken to hospital after the assaults on the Ballyogan estate, Carrickmines, over the weekend.

The assault was recorded on mobile phones and gardai now fear the footage has been circulated on social media.

All the men linked to the attacks are believed to be Nigerian.