Anti-Social Scumbags


As comfortable as you can get sitting on a rubber ring…


They were arrested for being a pair of bums, they got a three ring media circus because they were black


Zero tolerance is great till unless your are an innocent victim of heavy handed policing. Starbucks incident is relevant cause it’s an example of the police being comfortable harassing innocent people who they don t like the look of. I ve met enough Garda who I wouldn’t fancy having the power to be bashing the heads off who they feel deserve it. Be careful what you wish for.


Yeah cause racism doesn’t exist in the USA. Come back when you have a proper thought about this incident.


Can you verify that?


I am not saying we need to go as heavy handed at the US but we need to head that direction a bit from where we are.

Open drug dealing and general loitering is tolerated in Dublin city center where tourists observe this unacceptable behavior. You wouldn’t see that happen in Times Square.


They were sitting around taking up space without buying anything. When they asked to use the jacks but refused to actually buy anything, they were told to leave. They refused so the cops were called. Cue the clickbait nonsense making out like this was Rosa Parks all over again

A pair of f**king deadbeats


Again, can you verify that?
Was it enough to justify being arrested?
If so, why were they not charged?

Walk into any Coffee shop, McDonald’s or whatever and you will see lots of people charging phones, using wi-fi long after they’ve bought their solitary cup of coffee.
We know what was going on here.


Tasers are dangerous, there was a lad working for me that went to a festival in Barcelona last year. The group he was with were well on and the cops were trying to move them on. This chap is very respectable and tried to reason with them because he was the most sober and was trying to avoid any of the others getting in trouble! The cops tasered him and threw him in a cell for the night.
This was the news to me, when you get tasered apparently the shock makes you sh1t the cacks, literally. So he woke up in a cell covered in his on dirt and developed piles from the incident too.
I did ask the question, are you sure it was form the taser…


Sure, but let’s nip something in the bud here before I do: who’s “we”?

Are you a spokesman for a group or just minor royalty?


Exactly who has nt gone in to use the jacks in a pub or cafe you don t intend to buy anything from . There story about waiting for someone was true. Maybe they would have bought 10 lattes and 20 chocolate muffins if they were nt arrested for?? .


I’ll ask again. Was it enough to justify being arrested (I ask since you seem to have first hand witness of what happened)?
If so, why were they not charged?
Why did Starbucks close lots of their outlets across the USA this week to train staff on racial awareness?

This all ties in well with Trump wanting to “Make America Great Again”.


We as in we are not members of the KKK.


They are two employed, college graduates who were waiting for a friend to arrive before deciding if they were going to stay at Starbucks & have a coffee there, or go somewhere else. They are about as far from being deadbeats as it is possible to get.

Have you never done the very same thing in pubs, bars, coffee shops etc while waiting for friends to arrive? Jesus Christ, if they arrested every single person who had the temerity to ask to use the bathroom while they waited, we’d have a million people in every jail cell.

The cafe is perfectly entitled to have (and enforce) a customer’s only toilets policy. However, the over reaction of the shop manager who called the police in the first place & the police reaction when they arrived, was racially motivated imo. I seriously doubt if two white men in business suits, doing the exact same thing, would have suffered the same fate.


Y’see here’s the thing, they were not arrested for asking to use a bathroom.

And FYI , no I have never walked into a Starbucks, taken up a table without buying anything and then refused to make a purchase when I was asked to in order to use the bathroom. Nor have I refused to leave when asked because I wasn’t making a purchase, even when the cops showed up. I’ve never done any of that that because I don’t act like a knacker. How about you? You ever done that?

Some other lad want to know why there was no charges brought: Because Starbucks refused to press charges

Here’s the chief of police, explaining it before he’s was hauled in and made to apologize, make your own decision on him. Maybe he’s in the KKK like I am:rofl:

Which brings me nicely along to Iwasonthepillin83, you must be a right hard case, making personal remarks on the internet :grin: The funny thing is I’ve wound up in a couple of digging matches because I was the only person who stepped in when someone was being racially abused in public. I only wish I had a hard chaw like yourself to back me up on those occasions, cos I’d say you’re deffo not the type that’s a big brave buck on the internet but then stares at the ground and does ■■■■ all when you see actual racism in the real world.



And you’re the one calling out someone else for making personal remarks on the internet?

Starbucks knew they were wrong. That’s why they didn’t press charges.
Again, why did they close lots of their outlets the other day? Why did they issue an apology?
You should apply for a job in the current White House regime. You’d fit in well, lad.


You were hardly making the case for race relations now so you deserve the flak imo. Tough shit if you are a bit offended that what happens when you wade into a sensitive debate. Don t know why you are bringing being a hard chaw into it and blowing your own trumpet about being a hero. Maybe I was a hero too saving the people ,how do you know what I did/did nt. I strongly disagree with your opinion and the way you expressed it. That’s life eh.


I too strongly disagree with his opinion. I find it repugnant.

Just to clarify, he called them a “pair of bums” and a “pair of f*cking” deadbeats.


It’s a corporation covering their arses ahead of the inevitable lawsuit. Also good PR considering their target market.


Ah come on…Take a walk through the Port Authority and you will see plenty of those things.