Arsene gone, Unai’s red army!


Saw this online yesterday …



Arsenal bottling it ? 2-0 down to Osterunds at home having won the 1st leg 3-0

Would be a whole new level of embarrassment for Arsenal and Wenger if they go onto ■■■■ this up :grin:


Really? I couldn’t have been bothered wit it tonight because I have stuff to write up and thought it was a done deal… Obviously the players do too. What channel is this on?


BT Sports 2


I have Eir, I’ll get that on the phone… Cheers GIC


2-1. Jeysus, I actually thought you were taking the urine GIC


Jewnose would be proud :smiley:


Father of the Dublin footballers physio. The dude with the beard. The resemblance is uncanny!


No way.
Shall investigate further!


Just saw this on twitter and guffawed aloud:

Arsenal are looking for volunteers to shovel snow around the stadium before Thursday’s game vs Man City. Press officer, Mark Gonnella stated, “We are appealing to fans for help, if we can get enough snow brought in, there’s still a chance we can get this game called off.”


Man City tearing Arsenal a new one

They are great to watch when playing like this especially when you’ve them backed at 3/4, like finding money on the street!


Actually watching this tonight but haven’t watched much of them in a while as it’s a bit depressing watching the demise of a once great manager and team. They have kind of played well tonight, but city have been lethal. 4 shots on goal, 3 goals. Arsenal have created a few good chances, but our defence is nowhere near as tight as theirs. End of story. The professor needs to leave at the end of this season though, he’s ruining his legacy IMO


Hopefully he goes on his own terms but his time is up now.

Who would be the right man to take over ? Diego Simone ? Ancelotti ?


Would love Simeone. There’s a lot of talk on twitter that Jorgi Low is the first choice. Anything is better than monsieur Wenger at the moment though. He should have left after the FA cup win last year, out on a high and all that. The amount of empty seats tonight speaks volumes.


And it was ‘Sold Out’ tonight too.






That’s nuts. Who are they trying to fool?


It’s a sellout alright …