Arsene gone, Unai’s red army!


Ha Ha!


They count the fact they have sold season tickets as been there for every game as they have the cash not the amount of people through the turnstiles. Kinda reflects where the club is currently. Not about the people more about the profit


Will be going over to London next week for a couple of days, have procured tickets for the Thursday game against CSKA (no, not from the falcon!) and was looking for stuff to do in the lead up to the game, like places to visit about Arsenal. I’ve never been to Emirates, just old Highbury. @whatever @West1 any tips? I’ll be bringing the 8 year old with me, so no pubs!


Only been over and been on the piss. A walk-up to Highbury would be good and a stroll around the club shop. I wouldn’t think you would be able to do a stadium tour with it being game day.

@Daithimor you anything to add here. I think you have done similar and been over with the young lad.


Stadium tour is on match days. Can book online. I bluffed my way into the old marble halls in highbury but it’s supposed to be for residents.
We went on the London eye the last time we were over.


Had 4 days in London in Feb - excellent place. Most things not far from each other and tube is excellent. Tower interesting even for kids.


Was in the Emirates a few times but was either having a few pints before hand or searching for tickets.
The walk up from the tube past Highbury was decent and had a good atmosphere were they sell old programmes and other memorabilia.
If your get there early and head around the shop and the media entrance just up from it you might get to see a few of the ex players etc.


Thanks lads… It’s no fun being an Emirates virgin!


Can I also ask, as I’m not really getting a definitive answer in google, what’s the best way of jumping from tube to tube etc? Is there a leap card type thing? Would that also cover the occasional bus journey?


Oyster Card. I’m near certain it works on the bus too.


Yeah Oyster card and works on buses too it’s exactly like the leap card here.


You can use your contactless debit or credit card for yourself. It will tot up what zones you travvelled and bill you the cheapest ticket that would have covered your travel that day. Kids under 11 travel free if they are with an adult.


If you’re changing tube lines you don’t leave the station - it’s all part of the same journey. This also applies when changing from mainline train to the tube but you will leave the “mainline” station via turnstile and go through another turnstile to go into the “underground’” station.
Don’t bother with Oyster card if you have contactless debit/credit card.


Thanks everybody for all the tips, means the eldest lad had a ball tonight. We were 15 feet from Mesut Ozil and Mickytarian (sp) and he was completely awestruck! And the display Ozil put in tonight was worthy of the entrance fee alone. TV does the game no justice at all, it was a brillliant night and the atmosphere was fantastic.

There were a group of local teenagers behind us who were live broadcasting on social media the entire game and commenting on it… It’s like they were speaking a different language at times. One of them was a huge Iwobi fan… Anyway, let’s just say my lad learned a few new phrases and words tonight!

That couldn’t ruin the night we had though, my lad was just buzzing! He loves the Dubs, but he gets to meet them so often it normalises them somewhat, so to see these lads off the tv so close made his holiday! Anyway, a good win and probably could have put the tie to bed as may have scored a good few more!


Moscow had a great chance to go 0-2 up. Thereafter, it was all Arsenal.

Moscow’s goal was a peach.


Arsenal got the first goal, and I didn’t think Moscow threatened before that. In fact, Arsenal should have been 2-0 before Moscow got their goal!


Mea culpa…

They had a great chance to go 2-1 up. Two away goals, even in a 4-2 1st leg defeat could have been invaluable. Arsenal should be home and hosed niw, deservedly.


Think I read on twitter a score of 15-5 wouldn’t have been unfair…


No… It was in the rugby thread.


Apologies only got my account sorted hope you got sorted @Rochey