Arsene gone, Unai’s red army!



That is brilliant!!!


Thought ya might like it :joy:


Arteta the front runner for the job apparently. Interviews starting this week


Some guy called Emery has got the job. I hope it’s not Dick! Maybe he’ll get ‘board’ of the job!!!


Good choice based on his days at Sevilla, didn’t set the world alight at PSG but let’s be honest nobody has since the Arabs bought into the club.

Surprised that the Arteta story didn’t come through.


Not sure emery is the man but rochey has preempted the tabloid headlines for when the gunners lose 2 consecutive matches under him. I get the feeling club owners just keep picking these guys names out of s hat until eventually they get lucky with one of them.



Reading there the family were all Hammers fans ?


No idea, just think USA soccer guy on twitter is gas!


had potential , but trying to act the hardman on the field resulted in numerous injury’s - never seemed to learn from it and continued to play the same way.

Personally delighted he is gone to the hammers, as he is a little shitebag.


Ohm is there too?


My fav moment from him was the anti Spurs chants after one of the FA cup wins!!! Hilarious


indeed - that’s the only potential hes lived up to in all his time.

he got his karma getting roasted when he was at Bournemouth and had to go off injured at white hart lane the season before last.


Anyone any idea where the Arsenal team will be staying? My lad would love a few pics with the players. YES, my eldest son, not me!!!


Travelodge I hear … scabby basteds that they are …


The Marker afaik
Liverpool are due to stay there too.


They hadn’t enough rooms for all the Liverpool players so Lovren is staying in their sister hotel, the Loose Marker.


On the money as usual! :laughing:


Now this ain’t good