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Hey , anyone know of a good place to get gym equipment repaired ( threadmill )
Just looking up prices & you’d nearly be better off buying a new one . Belts are crazy expensive.


Lads , having major aggro with a bank who shall remain nameless , they have through error made shit of my credit rating with wrong information on there occasion and have admitted it in writing so I want get legal advice as I am hopping mad. Anyone know of a brief who specializes in this area.? Cheers


Have you tried the Financial Services Ombudsman?
Could be a quicker win for you than going through the solicitor route


Cheers, I’ll give them a ring. See where that goes.


Like all dodgy golfers, have a Dunlop in your back pocket.


Driving licence expires next month. Is there a set time within which I have to apply for a new licence once my current one expires?


Whatever you do make an appointment as soon as you can (or as close to the renewal date) with NDLS and don’t be late for it. There is no grace period for driving without a licence.

If you don’t have an appointment you could be sitting waiting 2, 3 or 4 hours to be seen. I saw it first hand a few weeks ago it’s madness. I queued outside the NDLS in Santry from 8.20am on a Saturday, I was about 8th in the Queue… by the time it opened at 9am there was about 50+ in the queue… As I left the estimated wait time on the screen for people who just arrived at 9.30am was 3hrs 20mins…


Cheers @HawkEye.
In terms of no grace period, what I mean is that with an expired licence, is there a period of time after which you cannot renew that licence? I’m not talking about driving without a current licence.


If the licence is expired 10 years or more without being renewed then you begin from the start… theory test etc…

My licence expired May 5th. On April 14th I went online to make an appointment to renew, the next available appointment was May 10th!

So had to go and queue on a Saturday and I couldn’t get over how busy the place was. People sitting with flasks of tea and cushions. So if you’re gonna renew just give yourself enough time and book an appointment well in advance and don’t be late (if you miss your slot by a minute it’s back to the end of the queue!) …


Got mine in November, couldn’t get an appointment at the local (Clarehall) centre for ages, but got sorted on the following Friday afternoon in Omni Park.
Think I was due in for around 5.00 and was done and dusted within 15 minutes, very straightforward process in fairness


If you have an appointment it is fine I’m sure. If you don’t then be prepared to wait (on a Saturday at least) if you don’t get there at least 30 mins before the centre opens.

Here’s my experience:

  • Licence was due to expire May 5th
  • On April 14th I went online to book an appointment, earliest available appointment in any centre in Dublin was May 10th (5 days after my licence expired).
  • I booked the May 10th appointment but went and queued up the following Saturday. I arrived at 8.20am and was done by 9.30am (it only opened at 9.00am) as I was leaving there was standing room only in the place and the average wait time was announced as 3hrs 20mins.

Once I got in front of someone it was straightforward but you need to be on the ball beforehand.


Can you not just do this online?


No, not currently. It’s being proposed for the future alright when you’re renewing. For your first of the new style (credit card type) licences you have to present to NDLS to sign and have your photo taken.


Thanks for all the answers, chaps.


Howdy Hawkeye,

Cheers for reminding that I have to renew mine its out of date before the end of this month, going to chance going over to Trim on a Saturday morning.

So I ahem me old driver license and Ill bring my P60 + Application form D401.

Thats all ill need? (and some patience)



Jebus that sounds a brutal procedure!

I just post my renewal form to DVLNI in Coleraine with a photo & they post the new one to you.

Will have to insist that is one of the conditions for a united Ireland!


That’s not a driver’s licence renewal, that’s membership of an organisation :joy::grin:


It is.
Dublin Veteran Living in Northern Ireland.


If you got turned down for a loan as a result then you’d have a good legal case if not then FSO is best way to go.


tip of the iceberg. Thanks called FSO today and got some clarity and direction. Bank = fuckers.