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Sure Craig David be over by 8.30 you be grand :wink:


Proper Bo!


Who’s playing tonight?




The National are playing in Donnybrook tonight.


Saw them in the 3 arena
Hated them and love their albums
Found him to be a dreadful frontman, forced and contrived


It seems that the DORT back into town after Liam Gallagher last night was mental. People smoking and urinating on the train and pulling at the doors. Train was stopped so passengers pulled the doors open and started walking the tracks! Crazy stuff!


Liamo would attract a certain type of following.


This City is full of scumbags


I’ve seen them now at least 10 times and think he’s brilliant and is exactly the same at every gig, diving into the stage etc.
Got offered tickets late this evening and only seen the text after my club game :roll_eyes:

This is a great gig to watch and he was brilliant at it


A colleague of mine (of Wexford origin) likes to call Dublin, “the world’s largest open air asylum”

At times I find it hard to disagree with him. I lock the door of my house at night for a reason.


Dublin is pretty much the same as elsewhere. Town on fri/sat nights are unpleasant enough I m sure but I was in Leeds a few years on a sat night and jaysus Dublin was civilized compared to it. Concerts gigs attract a mad for it crowd and the oasis/ dance music mob are the worse.


Seen them 4 times live. The alligator/boxer/ high violet are a great trio of albums. Find them a bit inconsistent live . He s a good frontman .


They were excellent. The front man was great, likes a drink and interacts with the crowd but mainly belted out the tunes. Serious band, absolutely nailed it.


To each their own, I think they’re a great band but he just left me cold.

Ended up in the Inn in Raheny last night after the gig, U2 tribute band, they were either superb or I was locked :slight_smile:


We won’t hold it against you.

The U2 tribute band on the other hand…


Would add that The Villagers were excellent as support too.


In the Raheny Inn? Village People tribute band?


Finally got to wear my assless chaps without suffering looks of disapproval.


Ha - and Blazing Saddles was on TV last night too!