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Damien comer was good as mongo.




Tut tut tut…Not everyone can be blessed with the stunning good looks of a Bernard Brogan, Cian O’Sullivan or Marty Morrissey.


I fear your mixing up your martina’s with your Marty’s .




Definitely in a much better ball park.


I thought both Richard and Liam were brilliant the other night. Agree that Liam’s set list was over in what seemed like a flash. I was waiting for him to come back on, until a massive row started right in front of us, must have been 30/40 lads going at each other so we hightailed it. Agree on the venue, queues were massive for bar and jacks and getting out took ages too

Fookin hour or so waiting for another train coming from Dundalk to bring us home because of the messing in Portmarnock. The announcer kept saying in a real smart tone, ‘Because there are lads FIGHTING in portmarnock. The Guards are on their way’

The misses was at Taylor with the daughter and they didn’t get back to Skerries until after 2 because of the scrotes


That wasn’t very swift …


Lads, the balls of my feet / Skin are getting really tender and swollen, been like that since I got back of holidays two weeks ago. I’m trying to train on it any recommendations or creams?


Be like me … don’t train.


Iced water in a bowl every night for 20 minutes for a week.


Yeah but I need to train on the damn thing tonight. Illl ice it before I go though.


I can’t, inside me there is a fat ■■■■■■■ trying to get out constantly.


Vasoline apparently solves all life’s woes :joy:


Oh yeah! it saved some ressers wifes ring. Its working great since they applied it. Cheers


Don’t train on it. Sorry. Rest makes well.


I might not have a choice… I’ll ice it up before I go. Im doing an 8 week programme. cheers


Can the ring take a foot?


You’ll have to ask @HawkEye that one, he is the resident expert on Vaseline and rings.


Rest, elevation & heat.