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Three very good movies alright


For his ring or his feet?

I’m very confused !


So instead of vaseline we are talking deep heat?


What happened the ice??


A lot of “experts” advising against icing these days


Ice for initial injury & swelling.

Heat to generate circulation after swelling dissipates.


Ooooooooeeeerrrrrrrrrrr matron …


Waiting for that!

Didn’t take long.


sounds like a twice a year conversation I have with the missus


Rest & elevation of the ring ? Ok I suppose.

But heating it? I don’t think so.


What Comrade JJF does with his swollen balls is his own business.


Don’t put deep heat on your ring. Trust me.


Never made it to training sitting here with the sole of my foot on a bag of ice. The fooking relief.


Community service? :wink:


Something like that… Couldn’t go in the end I can’t apply any sort of pressure I’ll ice it iver a few days and see what happens a nuisance more than anything


I had that once too. Tried ice and heat and many other things to no avail and ended up having the foot amputated. It’s grand. You’ll get used to it.


It’s a slow one to heal(!) Mrs Oh is a podiatrist, that’s her recommendation. I had something like it, but never had the discipline to keep icing every night. Thought I was grand after the first night…


Cheers. So just keep icing? Would she recommended ibrufen to take down the swelling?


Yeh anti-inflamms are good too


I’m not enjoying this love-in between @5AliveOh and @JJF… things were better when you were at each other’s throats. Can you not get catty with each other again?