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I’ve just been informed that I slightly misinformed on the treatment, you can use a warm water foot (heel) bath after the ice/iced water. And after the first week keep doing it about twice a week for a few weeks. And stretch the achilles tendon each time as well.


Cheers Al, can I use the warm water foot even though the soft tissue damage is on the ball of my foot? I am going to try it for a couple of days but I think I might need to go to a Podiatrist. Im in feck bits with it.


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Ah I was thinking heel. Anyway it’s not necessarily much different but requires a couple of questions/suggestions:
Is it painful even when up/not standing? If it is then two things need ruling out, there’s a nerve bundle thing that some people get on the ball between big toe and the next toe, which can be extremely painful, but the same treatment should help but if no improvement needs medical exam;
and the other possibility is a trauma injury (was there a hard impact recently?), which could mean a bone injury (as bad as a crack or as minor as bruising of the bone can still be really painful. This will of course need medical examination to check for cracked bone, and trying to rule out the bruising possibility is difficult as it could take at least two weeks to start calming down. But that would be fairly continuous pain, worse when stood on).

But it could just be the same (most likely plantar facsciitus) as what alot of people get mostly on their heels, and so the iced and warm treatment will also work (along with anti-inflamms), and you can get special insoles to help too.


I actually think its more in the lien of a trauma. I was on holidays and I was on an astro turf (the old versions with the sand) bare footed running around for a few minutes. I felt the ball of the foot go and and the skin was all soft and nearly like a blister. So I guess I over did it on the turf. Its swollen now and I can apply pressure on it.


Can or can’t? Sounds more like it was about to go and just happened at that moment, no unusual impact really, the fact you were where you were doesn’t sound like a major factor to me. My problem occurred following a few months of wearing poor quality shoes and doing more walking than I used to do. Anyway I’d say carry on with the cold-warm treatment and anti-inflamms and see how it is in a few days if you can wait that long. By the way you didn’t say, is it painful when you have no pressure on it, sitting etc?


Can’t - going back to my GP in the morning. I rang a podiatrist and she told me to go to a and get an x-ray. If I try raise it I feel the pain.


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