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Howdy Navyseal… cheers for that. At the moment there are no tiles on the wall just the floor so I don’t think I’d need to get them slabbed. We just want to run titles halfway up and of course all of the Shower. I do hope to source the materials myself and get someone in as its realistically the only way we can afford to get it done.

Even looking at that site, which is great. It seems very very reasonable. That shower seems fairly priced. We have about 4k to spend so hopefully we might get that all done for it.


You could get it done for 4k or under .
Depends on what type of shower and size of shower tray and shower door required. Obviously bigger you go the pricier it gets.
Flair are Irish company with good back up service . A lot of other plumbing suppliers use cheap Chinese stuff.
AQuadrant showerdoor and shower tray will generally work out cheaper than a pivot or bifold shower door with end panel of glass. Because extra piece of glass can add significantly to price.

Flair do a Hydro door which is reasonably priced
Also. .


Top man! You seem to know your stuff appreciate the advice. Limited budget which is story of my life… But hdofully we can make that 4 k go far. I take it as mentioned above by someone stay clear of the IKEA stuff…


Some ikea stuff is ok. Others can break your heart. It Mightnt necessarilly work out cheaper. Usually we throw away any traps or gratings that come with Ikeas stuff and buy our own .
If you can do any labour on the job or have all materials you need and get a labour only price if will be much cheaper.


Yeah I think I’ll be getting about I can certainly take up the tiles and have the existing bathroom suite removed. That Davies place looks good I’ll try and get out to them. Cheers NavaySeal1 appreciate the advice.


Trade counter will be cheaper than showroom if you want to get a standard toilet( .Ie Sandringham toilet ) standard washbasin with pedestal and a towel radiator. ( Sonas catalogue can be picked up in most suppliers and might offer some good bargains)
Davies showroom offer bigger selection of showers and sanitaryware . That trade counter don’t deal with generally
Best of luck.


That Davies place is excellent. Never had an issue there and very reasonable


There’s a good shower place on the main road near Airside, more towards Santry I think, same side as Airside.


Any experienced Clare heads on here?

Looking for tips on scenic, day trip drives in South Clare that are doable from Shannon, that would have you back in Limerick in time for your tea.

Have only been to Clare once. The Burren on a school trip many moons ago & was bored out of my tree. Not entirely sure if it will appeal to the 2 elderly Yanks I’ll be squiring about. One of them is a few weeks on from back surgery & can barely walk, so all suggestions need to be 100% car focused with zero walking or climbing. The likes of the Cliffs of Mother etc are out.



The better half is from Clare so I m pretty familiar with the banner. Being honest north Clare is much more scenic imo. The road from Lisdoonvarna up to kinvara is beautiful on a sunny day . The wild honey inn or Vaughan’s pub in liscannor great for food. That be one day taken up for you.


F**k it, take them surfing in Lahinch and potholing in the Burren… Gas craic when they need our healthcare system!!


Folks anyone ever hear of Have a pending pos transcation on the bank and never heard of it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Die Fuehrerin is from An Clar. Most of my knowledge is of north and west. I think if you have to stay south head around the coast to Loop Head and beyond, all the southwest coast is lovely. Kilrush is ok but probably mobbed this weather. The Shannon Estuary area itself is lovely, look for some walks, lots of quiet and beautiful spots. Avoid Shannon town and that side though, apart from anything else traffic is terrible that side.

Going east O’Brien’sbridge is a sweet village and a great old bridge. And nearby Castleconnell is a pretty town, good spots to eat and easy to wander the river there. A bit further north along the same route Killaloe is lovely. North of Ennis there’s a gorgeous park/reserve based around a lake, you can walk the whole lake path in about 90 mins, two hours with a picnic thrown in. Might be called Crusheen?

Three distinctly different areas with lots to offer in south Clare but too much for one trip. If the weather turns murky from the west stay inland or east. If it’s murky from the south or east then stay west.

Edit: Just saw you’re driving from Shannon so you can’t really avoid that bit of road! Unless you head north from there to Castleconnell and beyond. I hope you’re doing it on a weekday…

Don’t let your Burren past history cloud your judgement of what will be magical for the crusties. The Burren is really amazing. Ailwee Caves and Mullaghmore. Deserted famine villages. The coast around Fanore, where there’s one of the last remaining oldschool pubs in scenic spots doing a toasted sandwich. The drive down from the Burren into Ballyvaughan, or the drive around the northwest coast to Galway Bay. The views over to Galway and Connemara. The live sessions in Kinvara. The Oysters in Clarinbridge. You have to experience it as an adult to get the real effect.

Why return to Limerick? Get an Air BnB in an old farmhouse in the Burren/Ballyvaughan, fish and chips on the pier at sundown, and a Guinness with a whiskey in Connell’s Whiskey Bar. Bury me there when I die.

(Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any or all of these places being shut down and/or turned into superpubs/Gastrobistros etc)

PS If they’re going to West Cork I’ll give you enough tips to survive a Piecework “contract” with Harper and Unbelievable Inc. :wink::wink::wink:


As soon as you google Novelden one of the first options returned is “Novelden Scam” … Get on to your bank straight away and dispute the transaction.

A friend of mine had a similar situation (not with Novelden though) whereby a small transaction went through as a POS initially and then one night a whole host of transactions went through in one go … the first transaction that went through was for a small amount as a ‘tester’ … He got the money back eventually but it was a pain for him…


Cheers for all that boss. Am only baby sitting them for one day today & then their bus tour takes them away off to Kerry. So no need for an AirB&B. Think I have a daycint route mapped out in the noggin now. :+1:


Good stuff. How, and where did it go?


We went around The Burren. Didn’t see a heckuva lot anywhere we went that was flat, as the roadside hedges were as tall as the car in most places & blocked the views a lot. Not much hedgerow trimmin’ going on in this weather. Highlight of the trip was stumbling down a teeny, tiny wee boreen & coming across Dysart O’Dea castle, quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Beautifully restored & smashing views from the top, of the plethora of cows ridin’ in the fields next door. Gave two died in the wool Noo Hawkers quite the land to see real live animals doing their thang out on the tundra. I mean, where do they think smokey bacon crisps come from? Stopped for 99’s in Lisdoonvarna, Liscannor & Lahinch & stayed in Spanish Point to watch the match before heading back to Stab City in the evening. Gargis day & glorious weather for it too.


Anybody using those e cigarettes / vapour yokes ?
Any recommendations.


don’t …


Been vaping 2 years now. Havent had 1 smoke in that time. If you are starting I would advise to start on the cheaper pen type devices. I used the Liqua pen until I graduated onto a heavy duty battery and experimented with tanks and coils.
Start off on an 18mg strength juice. Thats the max strength juice you can get.
Dont bother reading up on sub-ohm vaping, wattage/voltage, building your own coils etc. Leave that for a few months until you find your feet so to speak.
You can also try out juice flavours in most shops to see what you like.
I loved smoking and always looked for an excuse to have one on my many attempts to give up. Yeah I would rather be nicotine free but will look at kicking the vape at some stage.