Aspects of Irishness of which I am very proud

Great Banjo player :+1:

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Father ted Still comic genius after more than 20 years.
Rose of tralee ( only in ireland could something as utterly bonkers as this be broadcast on the national station )


Be funny to see this at number one in the charts after all these years

Not sure its a proudness thing but just an Irishness thing and the whole RIC/B&T Commemoration is probably being discussed elsewhere on here but it shows that when the people stand up for themselves and what they believe in the government can be backed down(although they will come back with the same plan at a later date and try again) Its muppets that moan and moan about FG/FF and then go and vote for them in elections that grind my gears


Recently got to see Andy Irvine for the first time, still amazing. 77 years young, and plucking lyrics from songs very old and very new from thin air. Had a completely new mandola that he was initially afraid to play, then he finished the gig by using it for The Blacksmith, which has an incredible solo in it. Mesmerising and made me very proud to be Irish.


Andy is a genius. The blacksmith shows off his skill-set incredibly. Fair play Al.

The boys and girls in blue. A credit to the nation. I hope they’re recognised when this behind us


Really powerful stuff by the Boys in Blue. The correct use of social media too. Kudos!


They’re flying up and down the Finglas Rd. the last 15 minutes. Don’t know what’s going on.

S’pose the Guards are too busy to deal with them now…

I meant the guards are flying up and down the road !



There are times you think you are the only intelligent person on this forum ( the universal you not specifically you @Snowcat ):sweat_smile:

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Some of the videos going around are crazy. Up to 15 garda vehicles chasing some dirtbag. I am a proud Finglas man but the scum are starting to drag the place down again. And its younger they are getting too. Massive respect to the guards


As well as a gentleman

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Pigs flying? What next…?

Just read it was Mr Flashy and his chums being chased by 23 Garda cars!

Rammed two of them

Did they venture into the leafy glades of Glasnevin at any stage?

Glasnevin Avenue was renamed back to Ballymun Avenue while they were being chased down that road… So Glasnevin was not part of it


I really wish the likes of Paul Williams would stop giving these scumbags names like that.

Pick something they don’t want to be called, Mr Slaphead, Mr Buck-teeth or Mr Donkey Shagger.

You’d be a little less inclined to look up to someone called Mr Donkey Shagger if you were a young fella in the area.