Ballymun All-Weather pitch

At least :thinking:

I think the gaa community just have a hatred of all weathers in general, is there any all weathers in Dublin people like?

i dont think its an issue of All weather pitches. All weather gets bad name because of bad all weather pitches

Dundalk play on AW.
Munster rugby play on AW in Musgrave park…glasgow warriors…donnybrook etc
Blackrock college

Its an issue of specific bad all weathers or as is the case that with some pitches in Dublin, all weathers that are unsafe and are not being tested to ensure they are compliant or in some cases correctly maintained.

Its a major flaw in sports capital grant system…sports club are given large sums to invest in great facilities but there is no oversight to ensure they are maintained correctly or that there is some thought or plan or possibility to ensure that long term clubs can afford to replace the carpet for example. You see weeds growing up through carpet which is good indication of what level of care of pitch is.

While you can get injured on a grass pitch (its grey area with natural grass), the exposure for sports clubs on all weather pitches is that there are clear GAA test criteria (same as UEFA and IRB) so if you get injured on gaa AW, it a simply test to confirm that blame can be laid on a pitch that cant pass standards or hasn’t even been tested in a 5-10 years (which is clearly the case with several dublin pitches)

not a GAA pitch, its the Terenue RFC new all weather pitch. Its a brilliant pitch with long grass feel and plenty of shock absorbers underneath which you’d expect for a rugby pitch. We trained on it a fair bit the last 2 preseasons and had no issues with it. That might be the way new all weathers are all going to go

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Had to have shrouds fitted over the lamps after a complaint by air traffic control (actually, 1 person, who happened to be a member of a local club rival)

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Well look, as a nippy corner forward, rocking up to an all weather pitch anytime before June was like Christmas come early.

There have been huge improvements in the technology around AW pitches over the last 15 years.

Vincent’s new AW Pitch is excellent. I understand there’s plans in place to upgrade both Brigid’s and Ballymun’s surfaces in the near future.

Not sure about Alfie Byrne Road.

Aren’t there carcinogenic concerns about the use of some “plastic” pitches?

Only if you smoke on them


Yep playing at home is usually an advantage

Starlights :wink:

That could work out well in the long-term. Many many years ago Turin had to do that too on their floodlights and it turns out one of the shrouds is now priceless.

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Lt Aldo Raine won t like this , clogging up the discussion with some humour :sweat_smile:.

Clogging it with what? Where?

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@Rochey was Val Andrews the chairman at the time Mun installed it. I vaguely remember him giving an interview about the debt they were going into but that would be good for the ling term of youngsters coming through.

Great players made on the pitch and not in the bar in the clubhouse.

No his brother Sean was the chairman, he has since passed away, a huge loss to the club. Val was the driver behind the project from start to finish.

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Good stuff great work done out their by those lads and many others. Maybe DCB might consider an ould grant to ballymun considering all the great players we’ve got to see hone their skills on that pitch.

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Are Ballymun trying to get a new pitch closer to Ballymun?

The lights don’t have lights.
I’d be surprised if it was, impression I had was both clubs have a pretty decent and accommodating relationship, maybe somthing changed,

Sylvesters new All Weather is a fine surface, not as long as it could be but a fine job all the same.

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