Best Refs?


Ensuring not to slander, wondering who you all think are the best refs currently doing the rounds each week?


Ollie Lawless


Jimmy Turner


Senan Finnucan…


Underage the best ref I ever has was Derek Doran, he was a fantastic referee very fair and had a good sense of humor.

Not sure if he’s still reffing


Agree fully. Awful shame he never got a good run with the AFL teams!


Derek’s young lad is a good ref too. John Dunning from Brigid’s is very good, fair and firm. The lad from Plunketts Dave ?? cant think of his surname he still plays a bit too he is also very good as is Kevin Donohoe from the Barrs.
Senan refs our married V singles game on St Stephens day every year he is usually the most sober man on the pitch!!


Keith Tighe


Absolutely, both referee in very similar styles.


Keith Tighe or Dave Feeney for me, allow the game to be a physical sport that it is!


Sweeney. Think that’s his name, recently retired player from OPER.


Keith tighe let’s the players go hard at it within the rules


one of the best underage refs is craig mckeown from annes by a mile imo, hard to pick out any adult refs, as a back I like having tony lambe, simply cause he lets the game flow ha


David Sweeney. Played with Laois too


Yes, Dave Sweeney, lets the game flow as much as possible. We had a ref from Civil Service for a minor football game recently who was also very good Ian Smyth was his name, never saw him before that but he applied common sense and talked to the players well throughout the game. there are some very good refs in Dublin.


common sense and an ability to talk and explain to the players throughout a game make the best refs. Keith Tighe, Ronnie Malone, Philip Fitzsimons are all good in this regard.


In my experience the best refs are the ones who have played the game (the higher the level the better the ref I think). They know how to interpret the rules and not stick to the literal black and white meaning.

Dave Sweeney and Keith Tighe the best around I think.


best refs are the ones ye dont notice. timmy mccarthys young fella from vincents was an up and coming ref for a while think he was doing inter county at one stage. havn’t seen him at many big games this season might have packed it in


Dave sweeney. Fitzsimons. The Malones. Keith Thighe.
Theres a young lad from Finbarrs who is excellent. I cant think of his name.
Farrelly is ok
Karl O Brien is very good.


the young in in Finbars is probably Thomas Gleeson.