Best refs?


Heard that too, handsome lads, but feckin useless!


Sure we have Dublin Joe :joy::joy:


And St Jude’s stalwart David Gough!


He’s in Castlebar this afternoon, good to see a Dublin official involved in high profile matches. Well done Barry.


in my opinion the best referee in Dublin hurling is currently Seán Stack followed by Chris Mooney. None of the others come close to them and definitely the so called more experienced ones.


Seán Stack did the Leinster Junior Hurling Final in December … wouldn’t be popular in Glenealy after it …


Sean McCarthy from vins is an excellent ref, Donal and Mark Ryan are also good particularly Donal . As in the croi refs billy O Connell and Tommy Clinton. Tony lamb isn’t consistent enough in the let everything go approach.


I’d agree about Chris Mooney.


Thomas Gleeson is a very good young ref and improving all the time. Potential to be senior inter county in years to come.


Cannot agree with that and as they say if you have nothing good to say say nothing


He already is, along with Chris Mooney & Sean Stack. Those 3 represent Dublin on the National Senior Intercounty Hurling panel


Is that the lad from Finbarrs?




Fair play to him - good, unfussy young ref.Is he doing only Rackard/Ring stuff for now?

This as a result of your match V Whitehall?


No last game I watch him ref was DIT V Carlow IT and that formed my opinion I never make a judgement based on a game my team are involved in you make a call on emotions not facts in the Whitehall game 2 of the 3 sending offs where correct and maybe 3 of 3


And you can not use the word unfussy that is not one off his strengths I could fix that for you with very very fussy
He tries to let the game flow and interaction with the players is good but when he thinks the game is getting away from him he changes completely and that frustrates players and managers
With more experience he will become a very good ref


Mooney & Gleeson are on the Nicky Rackard/Lory M panels. Stack is on the McDonagh/Ring Panel.


Anyone seen that young lad from Mearnog? Cant recall the name but thought he was decent up and coming ref


How young? There’s a lad early twenties Faolan McGovern thats done well in Juvenile and has started off well in adult,


His Dad a ref too? And bro?