Blackie Cohen


Played for Vinnies and Dublin late 50s, early 60s. Anyone know if he still about? And if so, any contact details.


I’m away at the moment, but my neighbor played with and knows him, if you can wait 10 days I’ll see what I can dig up!


Thanks for that! It is something that might interest him. Uncles played at same time. Wasn’t sure whether he was still about.


I’m not sure either!! Will revert via PM


Sean (blackie) Cohen still alive, used to be a dentist. Is now a full time sculptor living in Sligo by all accounts

Not sure if I can get contact info for him.


Brilliant! Thanks for that. Much appreciated.


I know a few dentists who were probably once sculptors.


Watching Marathon Man again?


Glad to hear he is still knocking about


Was he in Glenroe too?


A pretty decent scupltor too, if this is anything to go by.


Good to hear blackie Cohen still going strong.
One from the golden age.
I think he won a AI minor in 1958 and then senior in 1963 with likes of Heffo, Des Foley and co.


Didn’t start in 63, not sure what way subs worked out. Got broken up by that thug McCormack from Rhode. Heffo learned the lessons of Dubs not being intimidated. Part of DNA now.

Offaly sprung McCormack from the bench in 1974 Leinster semi final. Came on and hit, O’Toole,with introduction of “I’m Paddy McCormack.” To which response was: “Never heard of you.” :grinning::grinning: