Bloody Sunday 1920


There will be no poppies for the 19 players and supporters murdered but we wil remember them and that horrible day.


There is a good account of this in Dominic Price’s book about Dublin Brigade “We Bled Together”. IRA were expecting reprisals after the execution of the Castle agents that morning and Seán Russell tried to persuade Croke Park to cancel the match as it was going to be biggest crowd in the city, and likely target for the Auxies.

GAA said it was too late as large numbers were already on their way. Was mad day. Over 30 people killed including Dublin Brigade OC Dick McKee from Finglas who was arrested and tortured early that morning and his body dumped. McKee would have known a lot of the details about the operation against the Brits so obviously died without revealing anything.


I am not on twitter. Someone should forward that Cian Murphy tweet onto Dr Liam Fox.



The bloodied field by Michael foley, a great book devoted entirely to the day.


Sad that there are no living descendants of Billy Scott around today to see him remembered.


I wonder is this man still alive?


I very much doubt it. If he had any recall at all he would have to be 5/6 which would leave him well past the 100 at this stage. That RTE piece is 22 years old and he is well in his 80s there.

Bill Scott is a very sad case. He only lived a stone’s throw away in Fitzroy Avenue.


He died in 1991. Here’s a link to a written interview with him.