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I wasn’t aware of this , can you elaborate on that ?


Jayo thought he was very unfairly treated by Gilroy in 2009 and 2010. Particularly 2010. Basically Gilroy dropped him after the Kerry disaster with the line, “You’re not the type of player I want anymore.”. Though he did sort of apologise for taking him off so early in the Kerry match by saying, “It could’ve any of them.”

But after 2009 Gilroy still dangled the carrot that if he put on 10kgs of muscle in 6 months he’d be back in the frame. Jason did so, with great personal efort and sacrifice, but when Gilroy met him, instead of taking him back he told him that his team mates didn’t want him back - that he was basically the Roy Keane of the training camp (I’m not actually sure what that means - trouble maker?). He was devastated at this. So he investigated and didn’t find or hear of anyone who didn’t want him back. Despite this, Gilroy dangled a second carrot, refusing to totally shut the door on him - and Jason trained away intemsely for another 6 months but Gilroy ignored him and refused all his entreaties. And that was that - career over. He says that it’s still very awkward whenever Gilroy and himself come across each other.

HOWEVER - Jason does conclude that Gilroy won the All Ireland - and therefore, that alone justifies Pat’s actions.

Another interesting thing is that there was never any tension or bad-relations between him and Mickey Whelan in 96/97. He says that that was all just heresay and rumours - that the fact was, Mickey was a great manager ahead of his time, who was fully supportive of Jason on and off the field. The reason of the rumours was simply because he was dropped to the bench in early 96 and the media supposed it was because Whelen didn’t like the glamour boy. But the fact was, Jason had lost form and wasn’t putting it in, in training.


Just finished Philly’s book . Enjoyable and very unique read for a sports biography . In fact it’s more a human story about his upbringing, his brothers endless struggles and how philly fought through it all personally to become a driven and successful man in both sport and work through his outward look on life and his devotion to his close ones .

Not much given away on the Dublin football side except how devasted he was when gilroy dropped him from panel in 2009 - notably gavin was quick to give him the u21 captaincy that year which accelerated him back to gilroy’s panel the next year. - some good stories about Ballymun in book , underage and senior

Jayo’s book next for me


Should be an interesting read


*spoiler alert *

We win in the end.


Philly’s book won the Best Irish Sports Book award at the prestigious National Book Awards.

Good man!


Great stuff.
It was also good to see his book ( and Jayo’s) higher up the book charts than Gooch’s book ( which i speed read through in a book shop and thought was very poor) even if it was only Easons and other Dublin Book shops that i checked out.


I have to say I would have to opt for the Gooch’s book ahead of both Philly and Jayo. The kitchen table was still a little uneven with the other two but Gooch’s means the legs are totally steady with no tea spillage at all!


That is a great read. If you enjoyed that read goalazo by Andreas campomar or feet of the chameleon by Ian Hawkeye.


I’ve just finished “Blanketmen: An Untold Story of the H-Block Hunger Strike
by Richard O’Rawe”, I highly recommend it although it’s a harrowing read.


I have just finished reading boroughs of London. One particular chapter was Harrowing …


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I’ve read both Jayo’s and Philly’s book in the last week.

I thought Jayo’s was poor enough and a typical Sports autobiography with nothing major in it that I hadn’t known. His excuse of leaving Na Fianna for Plunketts was lame to say the least.

Phillys book was excellent and a must read for anyone regardless if you like Sport or not. The story he told is remarkable and very easy to relate to for myself anyway.

With this Dublin team it’s no wonder they keep coming out on top every year with so many role models and lads that aspire to better themselves all the time.


Have Jayo’s book and getting Philly’s off Santa … so don’t tell me what happened.


What reason did he give for leaving Na Fianna?