Book Recommendations


I’ve discovered a great little place up in Killester! it’s across the road from Supervalue, just as you turn to go up to Parnell Park. It’s about 10 feet up that road, hidden into the side. It looks like a simple cafe. But the wings and the burgers are GREAT. Big menu. Lovely staff. And a nice outdoor eating area out the back. Well worth checking out.


The old cinema block?


No. Before that. Inbetween the old cinema block and Supervalue. You literally cross the road from Supervalue and then round the bend to go up to Parnell Park - and it’s immediately in on your left.


Cheers @Roman - often find myself hungry and with time to kill around PP - will keep an eye out for that.


I’d lunch in it about 2 years ago and was impressed and keep meaning to go back but keep forgetting


I could never forget that I am hungry.


The restaurant beside the washing machine parts shop? Good grub there alright.


That’s the one!


53 Avenue


Brought Philly’s book with me on holidays this week and finished it in 3 days. I’m not a reader I get bored of books very easy but everything in this was interesting,


Am poolside in Espana reading mad Jackie Tyrrell’s - crazy dude. Also picked up BODs bio for a fiver and Rala’s for 88c!!!


I only brought the 1 book as I thought it would take me all holiday to read, got a loan of a John Grisham Book The Whistler which I started this morning, As I said not much of a reader but heard others talk of Grisham’s books before so will give it a go.


Grisham’s are alright and once you’ve read one you’ve read them all! I just bring the kindle now. I have still only read 55% of Alistair Campbell’s book and this is my third year with it. :grin:


It’s a great read, good old Malcolm Tucker


Yeah I thumb in and out of it - if that’s possible with a kindle! The real thing must be the size of an old phone book.


Just started to read Sam Maguire, the man and the cup, great read so far.
He played for London in the 1902 AI Final v Dublin, game was played in Athletics Ground in Cork (opening of stadium).
Dublin were represented by Bray Emmets, so technically Bray have an AI title…


Gerry callan s book on the dubs is a must for any dubs fan worth his or her mustard. A great reference book but some good profiles of players too. A great book to dip in and out of.


Anyone read “Dublin - The Chaos Years yet?”

Sounds really good - covering all our failed bids for glory between 1995 and 2011. Was published on 4th Oct but it wasn’t in the shops that day. Will try and get it over the weekend.


Read it?

We lived it.


Online media thread has a review near end