Not sure this was the exact article but this was the premise


Problem is Tony blair is (rightfully) toxic. No one wants to hear anything from him. even if he is correct.


I get what you’re saying but let’s not pretend it was all Syrians either. It was a calamitous gaff by Merkel.


But HOW, my friend? How? There is nothing confirmed in that article. Does anyone know of a family member or friend ever asked any questions on entering Belgium? Being asked to register? As I said, how can they know the difference between the tourist and the worker?


I presume they have one channel for EU and one for the rest and they suss you out there?!


Fairly sure both your wires are crossed. Beeko seems to be talking solely about EU citizens while you are distinguishing between EU and non-EU?

Is there any actual way to limit intra EU migration?


I think you can in ways by not allowing benefits, requiring job verification if coming to work etc. I think at this stage the EU would accept things they may not have 2 years ago if it meant no Brexit.


Thats interesting to know. So technically they can’t stop you but they can stop you getting a job and/or benefits?


They can provide for it in domestic legislation. We have had a ridiculous situation here for years when, even when we hadn’t a pot to piss in, our welfare system paid the dole to EU citizens without any conditions. I remember a load of Italians arrived in Glasnevin back in the late 80s because they had no interest in working and wouldn’t get the dole in Italy. One’s father was a top consultant in Milan. He’d send the son a good few bob every week and with his rent allowance and dole him and his mates were able to be in the pub every night.


I have never heard anything to verify what Blair claims in that article - and believe me, I want what he says in that to be true.
EU citizens are entitle to child welfare payments from either the country in which they reside or the country where they are from. There are/were a lot of Eastern European workers in Ireland claiming children’s allowance in Ireland for their children back in their native country as the payments were a lot higher in Ireland.


What is the breakdown of the 1 million she took in? The idea was that they are genuine refugees, rather than just economic migrants. Trump claims that crime in Germany is through the roof. The crime figures suggest otherwise. Then, of course, some people will believe trump instead of the German police. Trump: a man who lies about everything.

It certainly has made life more difficult for her politically - is saving people in their hour of need more or less important than someone’s political career? The right has made hay anyway, so that’s a definite negative. 1


No. In reality it most certainly is not. That’s why the EU did a rather sordid deal with Turkey and will do a few similar deals in north Africa soon.




Sordid true. But necessary. Unfortunately. What’s the alternative?


Honesty would be a good start. But if they tell the truth, lots of lads on here will call them racist. So let’s just pretend.


Wanting to control immigration is not racist. I don’t think anyone would say it is.


I got publicly flayed on here for saying less than that! Of course I agree with you. Welcome aboard.


Do you mean about yerman in Egypt that time?


Himself and the Lidl deconstruction crew.


More of it