Well said. In all the laughs about England’s mess, the issue was always more about getting the right balance in the bigger picture, England used to be able to offer a counterpoint to the risks of European market liberalist run-away, not anymore. Weak UK is bad news, though having reached this point probably better they are so weak the EU won’t let them ■■■■ Europe up completely either, or at least not ■■■■ Ireland up from our POV. At least Merkel is some kind of balance, god help us when she goes, who knows what’s to follow. Hard to know where Macron will go with it all either. A France Eng WC Final in Russia would have some mount of undercurrents. And puns.

UK needs to find a real leader, fast. Oh wait, they’ve got Putin…


This is the brexit/trump effect live. He keeps spouting lies about the Eu and his base lap it up. Just like Boris with his nhs bus and Farage with his poster



this Is like a bad book at this stage


Nail on the head



Just want to punch Boris J. Am very happy for Facebook, couldn’t happen to a better nerd.



This is all getting too surreal now


It was amusing watching him ramble yesterday .
He hasn’t a boggle about it .


He’s a total window-licker. It would be funnier if it wasn’t for real. Reminds me of the film Trading Places.


So Liam Fox has approved Murdoch to take over sky, likely to turn it into another fox.

Meanwhile Trump is suggesting the UK go for hard brexit and take it up the ass from him in a trade deal and replace may with Boris.

Jesus wept the world is genuinely in trouble.


Of course… who did Trump give an exclusive (in UK) interview to yesterday? The Sun!


AND Facebook refuse to regulate… but lawmakers do nothing


Like the world in some weird death-spiral and nobody seems able to do anything about.



I’m surprised Piers is able to type these tweets given how far up Trumps arse he is


THE way they go on about Churchill. Did well during the war. No so good in India before the war. He was a dick.


Oh Yes.


Or in the Dardanelles.