Ahhhhh , atlest try play the ball. Embarrassing


Says he with his “tripe”.

What did I say about abstentionism that was tripe?


He’s not a shinner either Alan. Your bolloxology will only get you so far around here. Thought you’d know that by now, but it won’t stop your pontification nor your bible bashing malarky. Sure even your own club mates think you’re a tool.


He has dyslexia, you clown. You owe him an apology. And you a teacher.


Right then either No Deal or No Brexit it then.


Calm down boys. Jaysus if the Archbishop finds out I’m on here I’ll be kicked out of the seminary.


The Scum unsurprisingly deliberately ignoring the fact that the Open Skies agreement is a European Wide agreement.


Absolutely impossible to see a deal now. They are also conning their own people - twisting it to blame Brussels and Johnny Jingoistic British Bulldog will buy it.

You left a trade block guys - do not expect anything to ease your way … on the contrary.

People in the UK should really cop on … why is it taking so long , because Boris Picket and the Brexiteers know what a clusterfcuk this is and that good old GB is truly fucked.

Alas EU patience is now almost used up so expect the next phase to be very quick, blunt and really hard hitting.


I put tripe in quotes to illustrate the fact that, having accused me of playing the man he had in fact done the same thing himself. What the ■■■■ has that got to do with him or anyone else being dyslexic? He used the term correctly if he was indeed trying to make the point that he thought I was full of it. And he still hasn’t answered my serious and genuine question.

Maybe you should think first before you post yet more abuse.

I’ll go back to ignoring you now.


It’s clear as day this is going to be a no deal so imo we should be putting all our focus into protecting the border communities and looking after our own interests and security once the border inevitably goes back up. We should also be using our position of power in these negotiations to completely and utterly screw the UK. ■■■■ them.

I feel for the nationalist community up the north. If I was one of them I would already have moved down South. Whatever about England but the North, Scotland and Wales are about to become third world hellholes.*

*That may be an over exaggeration but they sure as ■■■■ won’t be as well off as they are now.


IMF think no deal will cost ROI 50,000 jobs :open_mouth:

It’s going to hit Britain a lot harder.


I’ve no idea how they’ve come to that conclusion. I don’t believe a word them scumbags in the IMF say.


Fair enough but the general consensus is that we’ll beat the brunt of it (after the Uk itself).


You are going to ignore anyone who calls you out on your dictatorial nonsense as you have no answer. Don’t pretend you are winning. You’re not. Merely plumbing the depths.


I’m far from an economist but I really can’t see it having that much of a negative impact. It will obviously effect a lot of the border region but I think we’ll see some businesses along the border thriving too if their competitors 20 miles up the road are going out of business. I think it’s too difficult for anyone to say how it will definitely go. Sure haven’t we already seen jobs from the UK land in Ireland over brexit. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see the return of the likes of car manufacturing in Ireland as a result of brexit.


That would be a bad move and make no sense. What Russia and now America are doing is dividing the EU and Britain in order to divide Europe as a rival power in between them, and to get as much power as they can there themselves. It’s very much in the EU’s interests as well as Britain’s of course to find a solution. It was always going to be messy and take a while. It’s very naive of Irish people to not be supporting a good solution for everyone as ultimately it will be god for us. It takes time for the dirty diesel to be cleaned out.


Absolutley I attacked back you should expect this when you behave the way you do.

Its an example of an incorrect statement that you are fond of using to support up your narrow opinions.

Now I know you will feel overwhelming need to get a facile last word so go for it. I’m happy to leave it there for now as I have every important shinner stuff to do.

Googles where to buy a Bobby Sands T Shirt.


Once again you have failed to explain why I’m wrong. You’ve merely stated that I am incorrect. You’ve made no effort whatsoever to explain to me why I am wrong. If you don’t want to explain to me why I’m wrong then that’s fine. Doesn’t seem like a way to have a debate on the issues but so be it.


If you think I’m not supporting a good solution of course I am - it obviously would be best for all. But it’s painfully evident that the UK are behaving incredibly stupidly here trying to dictate terms when they hold no aces and even fewer cards. The Tory attitude is clearly exacerbating many EU leaders and they are firmly pushing themselves into a no deal scenario and a hard Brexit. Their ‘proposals’ have been laughable. There also have to be clear consequences for leaving the EU, not least to discourage others. Russia and the US are interested only in themselves.