It seems the UK will also renege on the previously agreed backstop position for Northern Ireland which leaves their credibility in these negotiations at zero … just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower. Their behaviour has been appalling and reckless.


Some amount of fuckwits who seem to think the airspace thing is some sort of line that Leo is taking by himself …


how can you negotiate with people who will row back on the few things you have agreed and who can’t make up their mind what their cabinet’s position actually is - nevermind the rest of their parliament, who their government did their absolute best not to give a say in things. You could not make this up.


When you see the backstabbing and mistrust within the Tories and the level of incompetence within the Labour party, particularly at the higher levels, it really calls into question the desire to “take back control” from Brussels and had it over to those with the House of Commons.


Exactly. Give control to the people who broke the law (or are now turning a blind eye to the law breaking) to get the result they wanted in the referendum which has already cost them billions in lost growth.


Trying to shift the blame of a Hard Border on to the EU all to placate freaks like Rees Mogg. The reality is the EU have been quite receptive but the Tories want to have their cake and eat it


You just can’t stop can you :joy::joy::joy:


And you apparently can’t start :wink:


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Whenever you get the chance. Very curious as to how I’ve gotten the whole SF abstebtionism thing wrong. I see Mrs. May is handing them their arses today while they piss and moan and do nothing about it. And all the while the DUP are getting everything they want. But sure maybe it’s just part of some master plan to defeat Brexit, save the North and we can all live happily ever after.


Maybe SF and its voters in Northern Ireland are looking at Scotland and saying to themselves look at what happened the last time nationalists within the union were asked to trust a Tory PM and row in behind him/her?


Despite claims to the contrary I’m not a shinner but I am from a republican FF tradition and I would I would not vote for anyone who would take a pledge to a foreign head of state over their own. The suggestion that SF or FF, if they decide to go north, would go into of house of commons comes from a place of historical ignorance.

I can only imagine Northern Nationalist would feel even stronger about this after the persecution they have suffered over the nearly 100 years of the NI provance


So you agree with abstentionism. Was that so hard? In this instance I think SF should at the very least consider their position. Put it to one of those Ard Fheiseanna they are so fond of and see how people really feel. Of all the players who stand to lose in this clusterfuck the people of the North stand to lose most. SF could do something about this. They currently choose not to. Maybe the people they represent are ok with that. And yet they are deeply unhappy with Brexit. Seems very strange to me.

I come from a similar background by the way. But I’ve left black and white politics behind me. It doesn’t work.


Yes FF should, I think they would get a shock as to how their ordinary members feel


I don’t see the point of running in elections and then refusing to take your seat. Refusing to acknowledge that westminster has jurisdiction over northern ireland (especially when stormenet has been lying idle) makes very little sense to me at this stage. IF FF go north i would hope they would take their seats because westminster is where real power lies.

That northern ireland voted remain and not one person in westminster is fighting their corner is a thundering disgrace.


By real power i mean look at the DUP - they should be facing criminal investigations now and instead they are getting everything they want because they’re propping the tories up.


It’s how the irish state was formed and there was a ltlle thing called the cival war fought over an oath of allegiance. what power do the SNP have and they have35 seats. The good Friday agreement recognise NI within UK which SF supported so it’s wrong to state the authority of Westminster is not recognised.

The only people calling for this are the media and other polittions, which I suspect is a set up for next irish election. I have heard no support for this in the north meaning this will not change.


What were TV3 at getting that horrid little bigot Jamie Bryson on last night


Which goes to show how messed up politics is in the North. They face the biggest threat to their economic existence, something the province voted by a majority to reject, and yet they’re happy for the party that could actually have an impact in their favour to sit this one out.