I realise that but that was almost 100 years ago now. We’ve recently had GSTQ in croke park and the woman herself wondering around corkshire and the sky didnt fall in. At some point you need to get on with things and do what you can to avoid this disaster. Main issue i can see actually is that the right in england would react so badly to the shinners ruining their crazy brexit the backlash would be hard right winning the next election over there easily.


Agreed. Shinners would go way up in my estimation if they did it.


The numbers are so tight that SF could indeed make a difference - you even saw how a ‘paired’ arrangement was apparently subverted this week. SNP are already voting against the Govt in the main on most Brexit issues so they are not relevant as such.

SF should consider it given how NI voted in the Brexit referendum and given what is at stake for the people of the North. And it would be an absolutely delicious irony if a handful of Republicans stymied the Brit’s own attempt to return to ‘self-determination’ …


Biggest threat to what exactley. The economy is a corrupt basket case and the biggest political pary in a functioning democracy would be seen as right wing supremisist.


Do you think it can’t get worse?

I appreciate your view but to suggest that SF or indeed anyone else should just sit back and watch it happen I do not agree with.







Meanwhile, in Brexit heartland…


@alanoc : slagging a dyslexic. Shameful.

@Hopper : get your shit together ya dyslexic f*ck.


This is the guy who is supposed to be wealthy enough to have spent £8million of his own money funding the leave campaign. So why was he looking for money in Russia in 2015? … same guy who recently proven to have met the Russian ambassador 11 times before the referendum … Always the Russians huh.


Interesting from McWilliams


This is worth a listen


Thread worth reading. Democracy has literally been subverted by Russian intel


Just shows how stupid joe public is. A couple of attack ads and some slogans and the Orangutan is president
Americans are the dumbest fockers on the planet, it’s like giving a toddler a chainsaw


The brits fell for the same trick. not saying these tactics made a massive swing, but just a little thumb on the scales helped tip what were close run elections.


The internet has provided the world with more information and at the same time made everyone stupider

I was in Gatwick airport last week and the place is littered with ads from arsebook telling the masses that they are responsible data miners and should be trusted with all of your inner thoughts etc.

Social media companies need to be brought to heel by the EU or similar


100% and it need to happen now. Google as well (YouTube).


Hmmm, here we go again with ‘collective responsibility’. Those who don’t abuse social media have to get punished and restricted because of those who do? It’s a bit like the best forums, the best teams, the best communities etc. In reality they more or less police, run, and manage themselves in terms of issues like behaviour, standards, development etc.

Authority is in the background but visible. People follow leaders, and by example. What makes the difference is having enough leaders and a culture where enough people provide and follow the better examples, to keep things running well and developing. I have experienced this in the best teams/jobs/projects I have ever worked in. Authority should never be just about punishing and restricting, it’s also even much more so about facilitating /fostering the best environment.

We all get lazy and bad habits at times but if we value what we are part of enough, in a motivated and balanced team/community, we will protect it, just like people apart from mods protect this forum.


I’m not talking about the ordinary users and their actions, that is an entirely different conversation. I’m talking about the underlying corporate bodies who own the sites, all of the users data and have a responsibility not to exploit it or to sell it to third parties to exploit.
FB, Google, Twitter and the like have seen what their platforms have been used for and done little or nothing to prevent it happening because profits trump the good of society,