Yes, but the Leave side did it illegally (according to their own referendum commission) but no one seems to care. There was a BBC radio discussion where the findings of the referendum commission were described by the presenter as allegations. When findings from state bodies are referred to as ‘allegations’ then democracy is shagged!


BBC management were all replaced by Tory allies under Cameron and the editorial lines were changed to reflect the new leadership views.

This is how everyone should treat them.


The BBC don’t want to know. I find it astonishing to be honest. One side deliberately cheated and they don’t care. They just blurt our crap like “you can’t prove it made a difference” or “the remain spent more” … both true but remain did not break election law and I can’t prove political advertising works but I suspect it does or it would not exist.


You massively underestimate what is happening. Massively.



Makes sense. Damaged orange clowns that they are.


No, I don’t. Doesn’t change my opinion. You massively underestimate people with a different opinion to your’s. Massively.



For fùck sake. The Brits are well and truly fucked




What about poor Nigel Farage and his MEP pension. Ducked if i’m paying that.

the UK really don’t get this, do they, the 39 billion is symbolic, share that out among 27 countries and it’s not exactly a pot of gold. It is however a very strong sign that the UK will honour it’s commitments.

if they refuse to honor their legal commitments then they can do one.


You’re wrong tbough. There is a massive amount of evidence to prove that you are wrong. You can have an opinion but if it flies in the face of facts, then you are in a bit of a quandary, aren’t you? Why not do a little Google on the whole thing and actually find out?



What the fùck


This has to be a get up?


I’d hope it is but given the shitshow Brexit has been so far I wouldn’t be shocked if it wasn’t a wind up



What am I wrong about? Do you understand what it was I was saying?


So you said:
Hmmm, here we go again with ‘collective responsibility’. Those who don’t abuse social media have to get punished and restricted because of those who do? It’s a bit like the best forums, the best teams, the best communities etc. In reality they more or less police, run, and manage themselves in terms of issues like behaviour, standards, development etc.

That is utterly untrue. You are missing the fact that people’s behaviour is being actively modified by social media but in many cases they are unaware of this.

You said:

Authority is in the background but visible.

Which authority? Ask Cambridge Analytica.

You said:
People follow leaders, and by example. What makes the difference is having enough leaders and a culture where enough people provide and follow the better examples, to keep things running well and developing.

All lovely but irrelevant in this case. The leaders are sociopathic millionaires who control the culture, unseen.

You said:
I have experienced this in the best teams/jobs/projects I have ever worked in. Authority should never be just about punishing and restricting, it’s also even much more so about facilitating /fostering the best environment.

I have no idea how you think this is relevant. The people who wish to control our behaviour would laugh at that comment. They have authority over you. They have information about your behaviour. They own the environment. Smell the coffee.

You said:

We all get lazy and bad habits at times but if we value what we are part of enough, in a motivated and balanced team/community, we will protect it, just like people apart from mods protect this forum.

That shows how naive you are. They fcuking own this, not you. You are a pawn.