So instead of changing course, they’re going to stop informing the public …


And I’ve said as clearly as I can, nobody here is arguing about social media being abused. So that’s an assumption of ignorance/head in the sand as you put it. The jigsaw comment meant that the pieces are all fitting into place just as expected, to some extent. Carol’s commentary seems to be all extremely one-way, without any discussion or alternative. Just because she’s saying everything you agree with, and her narrative fits with your’s, doesn’t mean that everything she is saying or the way it is being broadcast is God’s Gospel.

Everything needs balance. And no, it’s not simply so black and white as “either you agree with her findings or it’s head in the sand”, life is just never that simple. You could argue that she herself and the people she works for are also using media to have huge influence. And that’s fine, just don’t get upset when it’s pointed out, don’t assume because that balance is pointed out that you can just swat it away with accusations of ignorance or “you either agree or your head’s in the sand”. Otherwise you yourself are not practicing what you preach.

Some of the threads here lack balance, they are not discussions, they are concensus self-gerneration to some extent, or have become that way because nobody will dare to say anything that doesn’t fit the (granted very broadly agreed) concensus. Because if they do, this is the type of response they get.

That IT article says exactly what I am arguing against, the assumption of people not being able to think for themselves, so widely that it becomes virtually everyone. This is just not accurate, plenty of people are capable of taking the broader view, and not being manipulated to the extent they are saying.

This by the way, before we go around in circles, is not to say that the manipulkation of media to try to influence as many people as possible is not happening. This has always happened. The way people responded to tabloid newspapers in the 1980s is a great example of that.


Fair enough, misunderstood you so (that’s the internet for ya!) i had missed your input earlier where you agreed social media was being abused for nefarious purposes.


There’s no doubt the media influence is huge. Looking back, I can’t believe the shit I used to believe back in the 80s, or how so much propoganda went on. Then again being Irish we always had a healthy disrespect for British media but on the other hand our state and Church-sponsored versions of the truth were a whole other story.

Whatever way you look at it, each generation has to deal with widespread attempts to control the narrative. The good thing about this is it is part of the great merry-go-round as it is what motivates people to take interest and do something to try to maintain balance. I fear some of the reaction to the modern versions of the world’s ills as much as the ills themselves. But I suppose it all works out as that horrible cheesy song goes…


The narrative over there driven by the entire right wing press (including the BBC and telegraph but mostly the tabloids) seem to be that no deal is going to be great. The Guardian and Channel4 seem to be the only ones interested in the shady russian meetings and the fact that the backer of brexit is a seriously dodgy character. Who likely didn’t use his own money to back brexit at all.

The BBC is even calling the findings of the Electoral Commission “allegations” when they are in fact findings. they broke the law, in any normal environment this would lead to outrage but the establishment and the tabloids are conspicuous by their silence. It is mental, propaganda by omission.


Interesting poll done by Sky News, starting to see a shift in attitude among the public



David Mitchell’s column in the Guardian/Observer yesterday touched on why this is such a mess. Basically for years UK politicians and press just used the EU as a scapegoat for problems, so when it came time to try and outline the benefits of Europe they couldn’t really change tack.

Also reminds me of an old QI bit, were they outlined how the British press used to either make stuff up or deliberately misinterpret EU legislation.


That’s on the money from mitchel.



Encouraging. About time the polls started shifting. Illegally run campaigns. Financed by a Russian meeting and Russian funded gangster. They even broke the advertising embargo after that labour MP cox was murdered. The smug brexiteer elites (Mogg, Johnson, Duncan Smith, Redwood). Talk of food being stockpiles and 100 of thousands of jobs moving to the EU all in the negitive column. Not sure what exactly is in the plus column.



Pre-referendum, any warnings of negative consequences from Remain campaigners were laughed off by Brexiteers as “project fear”. Now, it’s the Brexiteers who are forecasting the worst.


Project near.


That was in response to this


Everyday a Planet of the Apes style future seems more and more likely.




That banks is supposed to be the brains behind the operation. :rofl:


Don’t drink and tweet…


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