Double breasted jacked that looks about 2 sizes too big for him with brass buttons. Who could trust such a man. Not to mention the shit the young scrott is wearing. suffering jaysis. And he gets to call other people elite.


He looks like a devious ■■■■. Would fit in well with fine gael in an alternate universe.


Thats harsh on FG. Mogg is anti-every social reform this country has made in the last few years.


I take your point. And your correct on Mogg. The fucker looks like Damien Thorns older brother.


I just realised that this guy (who I don’t know from Adam) is an anagram of Northside Man. Do you want to tell him?


That must be a thorn in his (north) side.


Very good.


This one is pretty on the money too


“F**k you lot, I’m off (because I can afford to).”


Lucky him.

Meanwhile more people are figuring out that it’s the same stolen data, the same tactics, the same Russians …


Fintan O’Toole is in on this. I fecking knew it!


Did they think the whole restricting freedom of movement was only going to be a one way thing that would stop those ‘nasty johnny foreigners’ from coming to Britain



The daily heil is a moronic cesspit of alarmist reactionary jingoistic racist bullshit. The “Irish” version is equally vile


I don’t understand irish people buying that or the sun


Or the Indo



Not by a huge margin to be fair but there does seem to be a slow shift in opinion.


If only Labour had somone who wasn’t as weak as Corbyn as leader. They’d be an absolute shoe in at the next election


they would be, as it stands they’re behind in the polls :roll_eyes:


I have very mixed feelings about Corbyn but the truth is that the Blairite elements in the british labour party would rather lose a general election than win under Corbyn so they will continue to undermine him at every turn