This guy has been saying this for the last twobyears


Now whether it was merely a “mistake” is another thing


What’s the tax take on that…?


Fintan O’Toole will have a stroke laughing at that.


One has to wonder if there would be this much ire directed at Leo if he was white. I’m guessing not


It should be significant, it will be very profitably entity.


Danish Foreign Minister


Will be interesting to see which countries stick with us and which break.


Can’t see anything other than a unified and unanimous front.


Me too. i think the polish idea floated last was clumsy rather than a real break in the ranks.


I’d say he got a slap … it was a solo run without any substance. The Brits are desperately trying to create tension and splits.

There may be some who want it to be different but I’d imagine strong word has gone out that everyone must be consistent and present a united front on this.


Profit or taxable pfofit.? As you know there’s many a slip 'twixt profit earned and subsequent tax paid.


I just hope the price of this united front isn’t a concession on our corporate tax rate.


If Monty Python were still in action they could produce their funniest and most bizarre ever material … by just reporting on Brexit.


My god the corruption and desperation reeks


The S*n should have been disbanded years ago. Amazing there are still people out there who believe their version of Hillsborough and they are spinning their own agenda for Brexit now.




It has to be a United front. Fact is we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes…the EU have to support us because if they don’t the whole EU project comes crashing down and it becomes unmasked as a German/French federal republicwgere the “smaller” states have no power or say


The status of a million or so Polish residents in the UK was most likely behind the Polish comment on the backstop.

Many will say this is one of the EU’s biggest faults but as long as Germany and France support us we should be ok.