Forty-eight hours after the DUP’s Northern Ireland environment minister, Sammy Wilson, railed against the idea that climate change is man-made, his party colleague Mervyn Storey has threatened legal action against the museum over its promotion of Darwin’s theory of evolution


Will the exhibit include knuckle draggers?


Jesus effing wept.


Like the scene from the Simpsons were they wrecked the museum.

The same Mervyn tried to block the Giants Causeway visitors centre from saying the stones were formed millions of years ago…as no such time existed.


… wow :flushed:

And I thought only Americans had politicians that backwards


Marching season fast approaching … but the Orange men are stuck in May …


Take a look at @MorphyJim’s Tweet:

Although I’m with them on line dancing


Ah ■■■■ can’t give them Kerry in a brexit deal so.


Anyone brave enough to watch it with the sound up?


too much for me of a sunday morning. amasing to think they’re the biggest party,i assume people just voting for them in reaction to shinners, not that they buy their homophobic, anti science stuff?



Same people used to go around on Saturday nights locking up the swings etc. In the parks so the kids couldn’t use them on Sunday.
The Sabbath is not for fun, it’s for worship.


I don’t think so - if people want to vote anti nationalist they have the UUP or the Alliance. I am afraid a large proportion of their vote is because of their madness. This has got worse under Foster who is of the real backwoods, fundamentalist type.

What might be good here though is that a light is finally shone on them and will expose them more. It is a sad fact that elements of the British press will be better at that then any of our own. Just off the top of my head - serious issues I would have had with the DUP and their members below

Nigel Dodds - refusal to condem and tacitly supporting bombs thrown at school kids at Holy Cross School.

George Seawright - member of UDA and wanted to ‘incinerate all catholics’.

Willie Mc Crea - supporter of sectarian mass murderer Billy Wright.

Ruth Patterson - calling for the shooting of Sinn Fein people.

Mocking of Irish Language - ‘curry my yogurt’ etc.

All of their many members who were also members of the UDR and part time UDR while the UDR were colluding with Loyalists, and in many cases (and huge amount of reports to detail this) were active Loyalist murderers.

Blocking of any attempt to re-open investigations into Dublin, Monaghan, Dundalk bombings, and also the Miami Show band massacre.

Refusal to work the Good Friday Agreement, refusal to enact Irish Language Act.

Complete inability to actually operate departments and huge suspicion on corruption (wood pellets, project eagle etc.).

And I could go on and on - but basically my point is the stuff that people will get exercised about is only the tip of the iceberg. I could live with them doing stuff like refusing to open Giants Causeway interpretive center unless it has a creationist explanation - that is just the normal Neanderthal stuff of your typical backwoods Unionist. But people were killed because of them, and that is a whole lot more serious.




Also check out the link in Ricky Gs twitter to #lastminutecorbynsmears Some brilliant stuff in that



Oh great, so they’re essentially religious fundamentalists.I knew paisley was off his rocker, i didnt realise the rest of them were so backwards as well.


Dark ages stuff.



Tories fucking up again having to deny deal is completed.

DUP submitted 25 proposals. Their theses??