Entirely convinced at this stage that brexit was win through nefarious means, and certain hardcore tories are determined to drive off the cliff at full speed (because they stand to make a lot of money from it). Their concerns, or lack of, for the people they fooled into voting for this are clear.


Fair play to them standing up to the Bullshit Brexiteers


There is no Brexit dividend … for them. Why would a car company give a shite about the average UK voter?

They’re probably putting the hand out for a government subsidy to stay. Business as usual.


Should be interesting


The dividend is a red herring. They have already wiped out more than their EU budget contribution through lost GDP. Any politician talking about a Brexit dividend is talking out their arse. In the case of the brexiteers like Mogg, knowingly doing so. James O’Brien summed it up succinctly when he said:

Good to see the BBC finally taking this seriously, the DUP are up to their necks in the whole sordid mess.


when will the penny drop?


Forgive the ignorance but how do the Tories stand to make a lot of money from a cliff edge Brexit?


Not all the tories will but a few of the key brexiteers

John Redwood:

Liam fox:
There are very close ties between the Legatum institute and the tories, close advisor to Liam Fox has just stepped down after his ties to the aforementioned institute were discovered the other day.

Of the Legatum institute the Guardian says:

Its funding comes from a Dubai-based private investment group backed by a New Zealander who, in the words of a recent Times article, allegedly made his money by “exploiting trading opportunities created by extreme political disruption”.

“Extreme disruption” is now inevitable for Britain since it can either save its economy by going for a soft Brexit, effectively ignoring the referendum result and thus doing terrible damage to its democracy. Or Britain can save its democracy by implementing a hard Brexit. This will ravage its economy.

Is a hedge fund manager and who has huge investments in Russia:

Can’t prove that he will directly make money out of it but I would nearly guarantee that he will. As he is more then likely getting some of the action that Banks & Farage are participating in:

up to his neck in disaster economics where he helped a lot of hedge funds make a lot of money on the referendum night:

Nigel pretend he is broke but was found to have very patriotically squirreled away a couple of million offshore so he didnt have to pay tax in the UK - took back control!

Arron Banks - not a tory but the main financier behind Brexit:

Has been meeting a lot of Russians:

And apparently has got a great deal on a Russian goldmine:

That’s just what i have seen, i’m sure there is loads more going on.


Knew i remembered this arsehole from sonewhere


Good old Neil “Sieg Heil” Hamilton.
Cash for questions in parliament.
Cash & perks from the Al Fayeds.
I could go on but won’t.

An absolute horrible b******d.


■■■■ me it’s real :confused:


All i remember of him is him & his weirdo wife on doing the celebrity TV bit.
Didn’t know he was such a prick.


Spotlight starting now on BBC1


Just thinking … Boris Johnson has been nowhere near the border (nor NI as far as I can see) …sums it - and him up really …

It is instructive to look at this scenario from here and to actually not be surprised by the Tory indifference to Norn Iron … it is as it always was. indifferent - not that the DUP has ever noticed. The UK media did not even feature Juncker/Barnier’s visits to Dublin last week. We don’t appear on their horizon at all - Brexit or otherwise. This has long been the case - especially since ‘the peace’.

But the noticeable feature for me in recent times is that this striking indifference to the Brexit fallout extends to every corner of the UK outside a line a little distance north of London. I expect the Norn Iron indifference, even the Scottish indifference but the scale of indifference towards most of the Midlands, Northwest and Northeast is not something I have really noticed before. Things (economy, confidence, rationality) are sliding down the pan at an enormous rate … but who will cry stop? I detect that serious industry is now starting to feel the really cold winds approaching and is starting to engage - heavily - and they need to. But is it all too late?


Sadly they tried to enguage before and it was written off as project fear. Now they’re being told to button it. Bizarrely tied to this seriously flawed expression of the ‘will of the people’. Spotlight tonight showed how dodgy it all was just from a dup perspective. Banks & Farage were as bad if not worse.


Thanks Tayto, so these lads will just sail off into the sunset with their profits and leave everyone else behind to pick up the pieces


THE best bit of the show last night was when asked who their contact was in the dup, aggregate iq named the head of the campaign in Northern Ireland. :joy:


this is the tweet

This is a thundering disgrace by any yardstick.