Discussion on brexit in the us embassy


Danny Dyer is talking more sense then the entire British cabinet


Was just about to put this up

“What’s happend to that twat David Cameron” :rofl::rofl:



The timing of the second TWAT is brilliant. Never liked Danny but that was funny.


This is going well …

May is inept.


The ducking reek of corruption has reached New York. Yet the tories are determined to keep driving towards the cliff.


Bank is a c**t


If May was a competent leader she’d call their bluff


They are completely and utterly fcuked.


Mogg on the front of the telegraph threatening to pull down the government if he doesn’t get his hard (lucrative for him) brexit

The dots are being joined fellas, youse are goosed


It certainly looks like that.


Arron Banks - I reckon he would murder people if it benefitted him and if he felt he could get away with it. A right crooked bloke, it seems.


Good old Jacob.
Anti abortion but makes money from investing in pharmaceutical companies that manafacture abortion pills.


These lads principles are for sale. Sher they’ve just sold their country down the river.


MOGg says WTO rules would be grand


Also this






So basically most of the EU rules but not having a say…